Share your hero, position and experience!


Hey folks!

share your first experience here! Top, Jungle, Bot, Mid and Support!

Position: Jungle
Hero: Alpha

My first game I picked Alpha jungle and it was a lot of fun. Prime Directive is awesome for ganking!
Jungle clear was easy and fast.



I feel like Alpha is very powerful this patch.
I played saw in the top lane and tbh SAW is much better than in 3v3. Even if the while team focuses you, you can roadie run away and use your b to get stacks again. Most of the time they won‘t follow you and you can give them a full magazine into their faces :smiley:


I haven’t play in the new map yet but i think for my first 5v5 match I’ll pick Kestrel CP jungle. Would Love to rum behide the enemy in the big map and surprise kille them :taka:


First hero: Gwen
Position: Bot lane

Well first the mid started rage pinging the support and the top kept repeatedly dying… And won lane anyway somehow? Then went AFK for a bit. Like why? Can’t they wait to start the toxicity

Anyway apart from that it was fun. A close match and I love Gwen’s speed. Makes running around the map fast (and fun) the river makes it even more fun :smiley:


First hero: Ardan
Position: Everywhere lol

Yeah, as i said, i felt like a T2 noob. I mainly helped the mid, and got SOS alerts from side lanes time to time. The new vision is also cool. Jungle is very confusing and i didn’t dare to wander there for too long


My first game with top lane CP Skaarf. I was against a Baron and he was destroying me early game, but I managed to push him back a good few times mid game.
Then we lost, but I had so much fun regardless.


WP Idris JG Ez


Sorrow, BP, SM, BS, Aegis, Journeys


Position: Everything
Hero: Lance


Hands down my favorite hero for now would be CP Vox. Setting aside my obvious bias as someone who’s mained him for well over two years, I must say he’s really standing out in 5v5. At least when I play him. The new map + the changes/return of his old kit really bring the best out of him. So far, I’ve only played him in middle lane.


Skaarf mid.

I did some nice damage mid game but the entire early and late game was me either 1) dealing almost literally no damage or 2) missing even though I swear it should’ve hit the target. We had two people choose junglers leaving bot empty but somehow Taka made it work by taking bot lane and bot jungle (although you shouldn’t do that :/). Potg goes to enemy Ringo who had massive dips contrasting with my tickle power. We won because ardan and I withered down the vain then when we died, the Taka respawned and damaged it more, then when he died Krul did the same and finally ended the game.


Haven’t played yet (I have no Golden Ticket), but it seems increasingly likely I’m going into the captain position. Mained support in DOTA2, so this will go well I think.


First hero: Cath Fort was my first and still current main
Position: All till I had to play on a phone so I gotta improve my mechanical skill for non-supports

I played during the first week of the Fort release patchWhat a funny coincidence and I started off on tablet. I was a roamer first and a laner second till I moved to phones and I almost always roam and prefer to jungle rather than lane in ranked 3v3.


Hero: Blackfeather
Position: Top

I was definitely right to pick this position, and I’m likely going to make it my main due to my iPad freezing during large teamfights. Feels bad.

WP Blackfeather is by no means bad now, but he’s lost a sharp edge he used to have. I was against a WP Varya and I dominated lane against her like the good old days. The execute change honestly makes BFs early game incredibly strong against ranged carries. However, due to the removal of his B slow, his laning against melees sucks except against Glaive.

Due to this, you’ll likely be building more aggressive items like Sorrowblade and Crit, letting you farm the enemy laner like a squishy. This leads you to getting camped by the enemy Jungler for 7 minutes straight which is literally the worst especially when every time he X-retsus you your screen freezes and you can’t retaliate D:<<<.

I would recommend a SB —> PS or a SB —> Crit as your build, and to build defence against the enemy laner if they’re melee, and building defence against the enemy Jungler if they’re ranged. Journey boots and Teleport boots are up to you, and they also depend on the teamcomps on either side. Just remember you can trade in your teleport boots for journey boots at any time.


Well I only played a bots game.
Hero: rigo wp
Position: Mid
Gameplay felt really really smooth, tho I need to get a bit more used to csing at a different angle now.
The bots are actually not as dumb as they were in pbe (saw some videos were they kept walking into turrets, regardless of anyone being there) and actually harass you from time to time, and give up chasing once you get close to your turret.

The map looks awesome, I have no idea how to use tp boots, and blackclaw op.
Also i can’t figure out how to change my pfp heLP


Click on your name on the top right, it takes you to your profile.


Is it bad that it took me this long to figure it out


No, it’s happen to everyone
Y’know humans and their adapting thingy


Derp… i thought we were talking about our first ever match like, any type of match…
Just realised it was about 5v5.

In that case, my first actualy match i actually had a normal team comp, i played Support ardan in the bot lane together with a Vox if i remember correctly.
Was a pretty easy match but a lot of fun, i am for sure gonna play more 5V5.

Also if anyone needs a support, i love playing Ardan, Catherine, Flicker, Lorelai and Grace


First Hero: Flicker

Position: The enemy jungle.

Because of instalocks, team comp wasn’t the greatest. Double captains with Phinn and Flicker, plus Gwen, Ringo and Taka.

Stealth owns the Rise. Basically kept moving back and forth from placing scout cams in the enemy jungle (and taking theirs out), to ganking unsuspecting targets, to the middle lane, using the river flow to get back to the top or bot and go back to harassing the enemies.

Taka caught on at about lvl 9 and started to make the rotations with me. You could sense the frustration from the enemies as they would press Gwen 2v1, only to end up 3v2 and seriously out of position, on multiple occasions.

And Phinn? Would you believe that lumbering loaf did a bang-up job clearing top minions? The enemy basically ignored him, and his wave clears allowed for turrets to be taken by minions while we cut down the foes.

Later in the game their Kestral stole Blackclaw with OSOK, so it was a pleasant surprise while fighting for our lives for the game to end thanks to said top lane minions.

GG. 4/2/14. Upgrade the scout cams if you’re a captain.

And if you don’t have him, get Flicker. On the Rise, he is Sovereign.


I used :b: ozo top lane and built only boots to zip along the river

Unless that was a dream…Idk anymore