Serpent Mask on Ringo is da bomb!

Sooo. Today I played a ranked match on my other account in 5v5. My teammates told me I shouldnt pick SAW vs Vox. I hesitated to do as they said, but then I picked Ringo. Turned out that the enemy Catherine and Grumpjaw protected Vox. I got literally ripped apart from minute 1 even behind my turret! I couldnt anything and got killed once I either lost my energy or my HP.

So I decided to pick up a Serpent Mask. Just with buying I realised that the bullying from Cath GJ and Vox got less. They realised that I was regaining HP very fast. Evading their ganks and giving them hits while running away even gave me around 15% HP back.

Next I bought SSW, and after buying it I was able to camp in the lane as long as I wanted. Adieu HP and energy problems! With 200 Base WP, lifesteal and CDA, I was able to withstand a lot of harassing on my own. I have to say I died a lot, but I would have died twice as much without these two items.

Now the most awesome partā€¦
After SM and SSW, I build up Aegis MJ and BP with Tele Boots. I got insanely tanky for being a sniper. And then it happenedā€¦ I reached a point where I was able to 1v1 GJ! LOOOL! I didnt even need to kite. Just pressed my B button and watched him die as he tried everything. I literally OUTSUSTAINED him. Same went for the other DPS heroes on the enemy team. They instinctively tried to focus me down, but didnt realise that I was technically the tankiest hero in the team, taking my lifesteal into consideration. They wasted so much time, that my teammates picked one after one as I ran circles around the walls in the jungleā€¦ I finished the match with 9/12/12 KDA, not the best, but pretty OK for the cancer I had to faceā€¦

Long Story! Short: Trying out tank Ringo gave me a new insight on how I can play him. I will never play him without SM and SSW from now on, if I have to face sustain heroes. I wouldnt even have a chance with full crit Ringo. Now I have 2 proper builds with Ringo. SB TM TM TT Aegis HC vs squishies. And the build of this thread vs sustain heroes. SM is not just a item for bruisers, try it out on Snipers like Ringo, Vox, Kestrel and Gwen. Cheers!

Oh god, I realised I wrote an essay, sorry guys!
And thanks for reading!