Serious question

Serious question:
Why VG closed the past community forum if now we have another one?
Is this forum an unofficial forum?


idk if this must be in Forum Help!


This place was created by the community, namely the MODS from the OG one. So yes, it’s unofficial.

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Nobody really knows why the old forums were shut down ;-;
But yeah, this is an unofficial forum made by the community. Because of that, we’ll get little, if any, dev interaction on here. Just like on the old forums :’ ^)@VideoVillain is really the only one from SEMC that has posted here, but he’s not a dev anymore

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Yup… is officially unofficial! But it is certainly a great forum imo. I like what they’ve done with the place!


Sad there no Devs reading stuff here…

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I wouldn’t go as far as to say sad. Once we have a bigger community, it would be impossible to ignore the content in these forums - As long as they stay good. It is also possible that they read these forums, without necessarily making an account and commenting

I’m disappointed the old forums are gone, I’m certainty enjoying the changes in UI.
”Zenforo Forums are limiting” or something.

OMG … so after all this time I just talk with players? Please no offense, i dont say that all you guys are bad and fake. I say thank you so much for all knowledge i got.
So why do we discuss immensely but no one (officially that devs) hear us?

There is really nothing much we can do about it.

Developers will read this…

Ohhh and great work MODs it’s a lovely new home

Well I read all the replies here.
I was confused because I see the same mods of the past forum being mods and well that’s everything I can say.

Where’s the funny rating when you need one.

well I have this one.
Is it useful?

The point is to discuss. If its higher quality there is a better chance the devs bother to read here. If the goal was to spam the devs for attention we could do that during dev streams, on reddit, over twitter, facebook, or ingame.

Only on the forums is it possible to have long winded discussions properly. Discord doesn’t really cut it.