Senna Community Kit

A bunch of Senna stuff.

Ooh a sneak peak of her VLs :spring_ok_3:

You beat me to posting this by about 10 seconds :rofl:

This is pretty lit – Riot is releasing not only high res art and 3D model turnarounds (go cosplayers!) but also voice lines & music files! Plus, the full 3D model files of her railgun! :open_mouth:

Amazing support of community creators!!!

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Holy moly :celeste:

Ikr? It’s a massive file, I grant you, but they must have the bandwidth throttled, because I’ve got a very fast connection and I’m only getting ~ 500KB/s rn.

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After all that time, the file is corrupted. I tried again, and this time got > 50 MB/s (2 minutes to download!) … but same result: corrupted file. Others are reporting the same. #oof

Aaaaaaaaaa … she’s gorgeous! That high res model :star_struck:

I have never senna (seen-na) more spot on cosplay. :spring_ok_3: even the gun details!

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Here’s the vid she made showing her tips on making the costume:

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Concept art and her champion theme is a bop

hahah, I think he is from 2007. Not really the best speed.