SEMC's Passion: gRaPhIc DeSiGn

I’ve always thought that some of the fonts and bevels they used to promote their new skins were kinda cringey, but this is UNACCEPTABLE lmao.

This is probably a bug, but yikes.


I would waste money on the first deal but I also feel like I’ll be quiting the game soon so I don’t know.

I’ve seen PowerPoint presentations that look better than that.


The reason it’s like that is because the amount of text that takes up the space varies by region/language.

But yeah, it looks like doo doo.

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google powerpoint presentations. :wink:

Cmon guys they are trying to make money… like always.

I don’t like the font, but it wouldn’t really change if I were to get the deal or not - I don’t buy in app purchases or micro transactions. Never have, never will. (Even if this wasn’t true the it would not)
You can only do so much.

Have u seen AOV

that so beautiful, why cant VG do something like that smh


Well Vainglory, known for their superior graphics, can’t design an eye-blowing menu. :frowning:

The art/graphics are one of the main reasons why I like vainglory, I think it would be cool if the made an amazing looking menu.


Yeah nah all those different fonts they use on skin releases now just don’t fit either…

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ikrrrrr like that shit looks photoshopped real badly

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Are you saying Vg is trash ?because its not