SEMC's attempt to reduce toxicity isn't working

Opinion stated on title,thoughts?

Like it ever worked.
Adding, Removing ping won’t do anything.
Trolls found a way to do it before and will find a way to do it again.

Just play with party that’s the only way.


Yup,I ain’t dealing with another idiotic SAW who doesn’t push turrets without this ping anymore.

Seriously though,what’s so toxic/wrong with “take the objective”!?

Man I just experienced it.
TT Rona Ranked match. Died 4 times early game, build a SB, 2xTT and started taking turrets, died 2 times again doing so and spamming “take the objective”.

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Semc has backward logic.

Blame the victim with surrender votes they call the refuser (who wants to fight) a troll.

Not the turret diver but the one shouting buy defense is the troll.

Not the kill hungry farmer but the objective pusher is the troll (in an objective game).

Toxicity is advocated by semc who creates taunts instead of a way to communicate…


thats not exactly true.
a troll could force the other players to waste their time in a lost game

shouting for def was used as the sarcastic thumbs up. this could have stayed.

i think take the objective is simply unnecessary. use the green ping for it. semc gives us a way to say sorry instead, i think they want to keep the number of messages down

thats 100% correct. fortress taunt is basically a n invitation to be as toxic as possible and the rest isnt better. those animations should have stayed as dances with a more neutral voice line to make them fun while still being a taunt, if used before your enemy.

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I never ever surrender. It is the surrender mentality that costs me the most games I only surrender when we have an afk and we are losing.

I’ve won 4v5 games even so…

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I personally like “don’t give up.” Especially for the newer players who don’t understand the importance of enduring say a mid gamer, or waiting for an early gamer to fall off, I think the ping will help.

As for sorry my bad, wasn’t crying emoji #2 supposed to represent that already?

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Take the objective was a space waster. We already have the target ping and green ping which basically do the same thing. “Sorry, my bad” is funny because didn’t they remove “I’m sorry” along with “Thanks!” at one point? “Don’t give up” is a neat one because it only has a positive connotation unless you take it sarcastically. Tbh toxic people don’t even use the text chat, only the pings lmao.

I think “don’t give up” is a useful ping
Now I know who is refusing to surrender !

they should git rid of all the emojis that allow to express yourself and just keep tactical pings such as enemy missing, stick togther and such. Don’t give up is probably gonna be the new thanks ping


Turret dives
Sorry, my bad!
Don’t give up!

Sells items and camps base
Don’t give up!
Let’s teamfight!

Buys SS2K and places 5 cams in healing platform
We need vision.
Sorry, my bad!

Yeah this is gonna go well…


RIP. I wonder how you get that creative…

That’s not even creative…

Dives into 5 people solo. “Let’s Teamfight”. Dies horribly. “Be Careful”…

We see that shit every single day lol…

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