SEMC should restrict new heroes from ranked

I don’t understand. Technically it’s P2W or well P2L in my case. I don’t want to do a stupid Silvernail ban I’d rather have it so it’s just removed from ranked for the entire patch. So far I’ve lost all my matches because really bad Celeste last patch got nerfed so now they are garbage. AND THEN YOU HAVE THESE IDIOTS WHO DECIDE TO PICK SILVERNAIL WHEN THEY CAN CHOOSE SOMETHING LIKE SKYE. I had this Reza game where I went 3-0 but then I decided to leave top to help mid and we began securing stuff yadee yadee yeah. And then I go bot because they took first tower but they can’t even clear that sht because the guy doesn’t know how to even play Silvernail. These kids seriously have to stop. Went from 2554 to 2538 because I tilted at all these idiots and just stayed at base. Like I try up to a point but if ur too heavy I’ll just give up. BC THEYRE HEAVY. 100% constructive post but srsly just remove the hero from ranked SEMC.

yep, i only dare to play casuals with her atm.

:laughing::rofl: how heavy? legit i’ve seen some top notch players hard carry the side lanes and afk at base, not realizing that I’m also hard carrying the mid lane and I eventually push enough and hold off long enough for that side laner to come help me in mid… and guess what… low and behold, we actually win. we would’ve won alot sooner if he din’t afk for 5 minutes.

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If this is implemented why cant rank only allow solo or duo partys to rank. Im tired of 5 man partys boosting players. ;-;

Otherwise, :ok_hand:

Yeah, casual should be the place to try new heroes and such but semc screwed it with their genius idea to make chaos queue a permanent thing.

Thanks God people are gonna start thinking Celeste is trash so I can start rekting people with her again.

I don’t think they should ban new heroes I think SEMC should just release heroes with the intention of them being balanced. They clearly didn’t do that with Silvernail. You have characters like Kinetic who was completely fine.


They are so heavy that I sacrifice my healing treat and go to mid lane as flicker to help my Celeste get blue. The funny part is that she puts down a helio and I stop autoattacking so u know she can secure the blue. Instead she keeps autoattacking and then skye uses forward barrage to steal it LMAOAOAO from then on I was like fk this game we lose. I was already tilted from the game previous where my Celeste was losing to the enemy in a 2v1. Me and the bot laner were snowballing so hard I had the jg camp me and the captain camped the bot. So I wasn’t able to push and the bot was only able to push a bit. The best part is that the phinn and celeste called me toxic in draft when I persistently told them to choose Varya like ok no fun in losing :crazy_face:

Tbh 5 man shouldn’t be a thing right now in the current state. When people 5 man in high tiers it’s to ruin the exp of players or snipe another 5man. And if u wanna snipe why not just scrim with them lmao


I’m not asking for a ban on the intention of them being broken or anything. I’m asking for a ban on them for players not yet ready to use the hero. Maybe not for the entire patch but instead 2 weeks into one since that’s when the new hero will come out for glory. All the Silvernail I’ve had just feed.

About Celeste though, she’s strong in the right hands now. I hope people who never played her before don’t play her again unless they practiced. I feel like I should become a mid main because bot is popular and top cant carry. Although I only know how to play Skaarf and Sam effectively LOL

i like it. it feels like Battle Royale in the sense that one game you feel OP becuz the enemy is completely newbie and the next game you’re up against Pro’s and it really tests your mechanical skills.

It’s the best thing to happen to the game. I finally have a chance to play against players with actual skill. it kinda reminds me of when 5v5 was in Beta stage, that was super fun. first time i got to play with T10 Vg’s

What’s your flicker top build? I’d like to expand my top laners.

But because of how a disconcertingly overwhelming part of vainglory’s playerbase is in the lower tiers, you’re far more likely to encounter low tiers than high. At least that’s how it is for me…

Also, 5 man parties probably shouldn’t be queueing into soloQ players in casuals, that kind of ruins player experience

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yes, you are correct in saying the likelihood of encountering low tiers is far greater than high tiers.

i still view the chaos queue system as a positive for the overall health of the game.

Lower queue times, more balanced matches, greater variety in skill level - all makes for more satisfactory matches -

  • and there is a hidden side effect - that will show itself after a few months - play styles will eventually merge.

What do i mean by this “merging” of play styles? players are starting to invade the enemy jungle more, they are learning about creep stealing and dragon rotations. NOT that they din’t know before, it’s more a matter of confidence - by having more experienced players with inexperienced players - game tactics and strategy become the norm as they witness it first hand and learn.

Why not? It’s so much fun to face VG silvers in a party as soloq with t9g/t10 bronze lows in your team. Especially when they start to mock you to show how much you suck and how good they are without even trying. All this while clearly they use also voice comm and laugh they assess off at you. :slight_smile: /salt

Not to mention how many smurfs there are… it’s really great experience when you have a pro player with a smurf that hard carry so hard that his team mates feels useless (and actually they are, he can literally 1vs3,4,5) and your team wanna die. One player destroying the “fun” for the other 9 players. For what? What’s the point to hide behind another accounts? To feel great how good you are destroying t10 bronze, t9 golds and so on instead playing with your over 9000 elo account to atleast face a little bit stronger opponents? /rage

Well, let’s say the high tiers experience is kinda not that great nowdays. :smiley:

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