SEMC pulling a SMEC

Looking at 3.9, it seemed like a step in the right direction…

Until smec just had to f**k up things that didn’t need changing. You know the contendshit skins? Low-quality, le in name but really just a glorified rare? Well, now it IS a glorified rare.

Bonus sun from skins is removed.

Great smec, now grinding isn’t unfair for vet players. It’s equally unfair for everyone! Genius! Not getting lvl100 because it really will be the grind of 2 centuries? That’s gonna be the norm.

GJ smec, one step forward, 999 steps back.

You’re letting the difficulty of obtaining BP levels determine the progress of SEMC? What a joke! I counter you and say the’ve taken 9,000 steps forward after your alleged 999 back. Better UI. Better bug fixes. Better game now.

First of all, please do not speak your opinion as if it applies to everybody else. If you don’t like them, that is your problem. There are plenty of great skins out there. Second, it’s sunlight, not some super valuable currency. I don’t think it accounts for 999 backward steps. Third, They’ve been giving out much sunlight through events and chests. More than enough to compensate for the bonuses from skins. Sadly, people don’t recognize this along with other stuff SEMC does. I’m not saying that everything SEMC does is perfect, but I do find this a tad insensitive.


I won’t be suprised if sunlight will be P2W 100$ for 8000 sunlight this clearly the direction they going strong text

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I agree the battle pass became worse now. Not gonna repeat myself on that.

But it’s okay-ish (?) I guess? Since you can just not buy it (?)
I’d like to know people’s opinions on everything else about 3.9, tho. Haven’t played much, just one blitz match and I’m guessing I won’t be playing as much until they release one of those new gamemodes.

Had a bit of hope for this update and while bp was a big let down I’m slightly interested on the other aspects like balance and game stability (please don’t be buggy af and don’t freeze after I accept a match, let me select my character)…

Don’t have any hopes for balance changes since last updates have been a whole bunch of nonsense along with new heroes being broken af as usual (not sure but Magnus looks opop) but I’m open to surprises.

Only opinions for now are that I like the UI changes. I’m glad they realized how bad it was and started going back to a more simple design; loading screen looks kinda odd but that is easily ignores as it’s just a loading screen, masteries look good and I want to get one for my doggo Fortress, real time shadows on mobile look really good and instant reload sounds promising, haven’t get to try it but I hope it actually works… Unlike the so called in-app web browser, teehee :lyra:

Did you actually read what they said about sunlight, you get 20 levels from free chests alone, as well as a special first win daily bonus. The goal was to actually make it less grindy. You now get equal gold/m across all modes so blitz spamming is not the only way to gain sunlight, and you don’t have to play someone you got legendary skins on, or you know… lorelei?

free chest gives 60 sunlight…

and i’m not really sure, but net sunlight for each game seems higher now… cmiw

I agree to some of what your saying. Now that the LEs are not that different from the regular everyday skin, they should only give LEs a custom recall.

Something along the lines of switching from the white recall colors that surrounds your hero (while porting) and make it a gold color with gold sparkles or particled that float down from the skye.

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