SEMC finally got to me (aka I finally spent some money on the game)

So now that I’ve been playing VG a lot more, I’ve been heavily considering spending some money on the battle pass because of how such a good deal it is as we all know. Well, today I finally decided to do it. I bought the deal with 3k ICE, 10K glory, and a rare key twice. I’m a little salty that the other deal with 8k ICE, 50K glory, and a key didn’t show up until after the purchases, but I’m still fine with my purchase nonetheless and it’ll probably be there if I decide to make another purchase eventually. Anyways, using everything I bought, I purchased the BP, Winged Ozo, the rest of the heroes I was missing (Silvernail, Anka, Inara, Mangus, and Ylva) and I decided to test my luck with a materials chest for a charm and to my surprise, I actually pulled the golden poop emoj! I’m keeping the rest of my unused ICE to pay for a BP next season just in case I don’t earn back the ICE from it this season. For the first time I’ve actually spent money on the game in all my years of playing, I’m honestly really happy I decided to do it!


another one takes the bait…

Glad to see people still willing to support the game and devs for sure though


Ive thrown my wallet into the deepest pit so that I could restrain myself from buying Flame Taka :lanceheresy:

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While it wasn’t my first time. I did bought the 8K ice deal. That was too good to pass and i was planning to buy that red rona skin so its a win win for me.

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Thats wierd. That $10 deal is still showing up for me even though i bought it already.

I’ve spent way too much on VG. Also when I bought the battle pass I did the stupid thing and forgot about deals, went straight for the regular 1300 ICE. I’m not sure if I’ve got that worth back yet.

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Well, good on you for supporting the game despite all the negativity that surround the game’s monetization and the at times questionable sales they have.

The deals that sometimes pop-up are quite the steal, though I haven’t seen any for some time on my end. Maybe I bought them a while ago.

I never got the Sorbet Emoji. I did open a few of the chests that can drop them, but not enough because I usually get wary after the fifth chest I open.

As for whether the Battle Pass has good value or not, it depends on the player.

From a person who plays often enough to play the game daily, do the weekend events and collect the 6-hour Chests; the Battle Pass has good value as they often reach Level 100 Sunlight near the end of the 3 month period the Battle Pass is valid.

From a person who plays not often enough, doesn’t enjoy or do the weekend events and only collect the 6-hour Chests when they are on; the Battle Pass tends to not meet their full value. Some would just get to 81 to meet the 1250 ICE return if they don’t want the skin and stuff at the very last stretch of the Battle Pass. I heavily doubt that there a lot of players that fall under this category, as those that don’t like the Battle Pass rewards, particularly the skin at the very end; would just not buy the Battle Pass and wait for when it has something they truly like.

Some veterans or players that were around when the first two Battle Pass was around would say that the new Battle Pass (numbers 3 and 4) don’t have that much value cause it is filled with things that the player base generally considers not valuable. Particularly Talents if you get what I mean.

I don’t particularly mind what the Battle Passes (pass and present) have given me. Some of the rewards were great and some were mildly ok. I have kept renewing the Battle Pass for the past four, so I am most likely to renew it when the fifth one comes around. This is done with just ICE collected from the Battle Pass too!

Me being me, I like to give people information that is otherwise overlooked - such as what rewards the Battle Passes have had and have by comparing them. Here’s the thread that compared the rewards from the first to fourth Battle Passes on Reddit.

From the data, I think the third Battle Pass is the “eh” of the four we have. It had specific Talents that most players don’t like in general and specifically (such as Phinn’s and Kinetic’s Legendary Talents). Guess it’s the most dislike cause it was the unfortunate “transition phase” Battle Pass, as that was the time that the Sunlight Level got increased to 100 from 50. It didn’t help that there was Krul skin recolor at the very end since isn’t exactly favored by the community, being either too strong or too weak (but always obnoxious one way or another).


Battle Pass’ true value.

This is mainly opinion again, but I thought it’ll be nice to discuss. I broke this apart from the above section cause it was getting too long.

What makes the Battle Pass worth the purchase (mainly from the current/Fourth Battle Pass perspective)?

  1. It gives sufficient ICE that enables the player to renew it every season (so far).

  2. It gives Opals, a currency that is hard to come by on a regular basis.

  3. It gives Blueprint Chests, which can give more than just Blueprints.

  4. It gives Metal Keys and Chests, which are similar to Blueprint Chests but more varied in their value and rewards in accordance with their level of rarity.

  5. It gives Boosts for Sunlight and Glory which enables easier leveling up for Sunlight and generates Glory decently when used well (such as timing it with the Sinister Seven Glory payout each week).

  6. It gives Ping Sets that are otherwise very hard to complete unless you get lucky or buy the whole ping set outright with ICE.

  7. It enables the coveted Rare and Epic Keys from the Free Pass to be obtained.

  8. It rewards for constant play and participation in Events.

Again, I emphasize that the true value of the Battle Pass lies in each individual’s eyes.

Those reading this would probably conclude that I find the Battle Pass good. It’s not great, but hey, it’s something.


@RiseChu My wallet has to be sealed in a vault sometimes when they give us things that are just too damn tempting to not have.

I nearly burned through my ICE reserve when I saw Rainbow Glaive and Panda Joule, cause they look too good to not have, lol.


@Vorpalv2 Some deals tend to repeat themselves on occasion. They are usually good ones though.


@MacAulay I know I’ve spent $80 AUD on my account. I think may have spent some more though, but I can’t find the Google Play receipts.

There was a period where I really craved to have skins on ALL support heroes (cause Sunlight increasing with rarity) and wanted Reim’s Legendary skin too (he was meta at that point of time and I enjoyed playing him before there were high and long-range mobility heroes everywhere). This was three years ago.

Now I’m more conservative and spend my money only where it truly feels worth it when it comes to Vainglory stuff.

Especially now that skins truly are cosmetic and don’t affect Sunlight gains. At least for me, it means I can stop using ugly Cerberus Fortress and hot pink to the point of ugh Redemption Ardan.


battlepass this season is easy to max

i play rarely. at most i do events at weekend and collect that daily chest. now i reach lv70+

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Dont say that or SMEC wiil make grinding harder hehe… :kraken_sad_t2:

I don’t think so – I see the Battle Pass as evidence that someone at SEMC understands that people need a better reason to play the game regularly than the ridiculous free chests and feeble daily quests. The Battle Pass is designed to be able to be completed, as long as you play reasonably often – especially by participating in events.

I think the Battle Pass is the best out-of-match thing they’ve added to Vainglory for a long, long time. I’m hoping we’ll see more progression stuff soon (such as rewards for mastery levels) – the more people play, the better the matches will be … and the healthier the game will be as well.


Agree, I would only love to see a little bit more balanced version between the first two and the last two (I feel the first two was more towards the old school players in rewards). Otherwise it’s nice and not grindy to get to level 100 if you have it for the start (as a lot of x2 bonus in events).


I’ve spent more than I would like to admit on this game :^)


pays money

Gets ozo skin

OOF smec is really showing you their love :joy:

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The only time I (used) to burn ice for skins is when Champions BF was locked behind a rng box.

The amazing thing is that I got the battle pass without spending any money, simply from those ice events they did when they first started doing events again, random ice drops, and adds.

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