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SEMC Concept Art Thread: Part Two


so… here is some more concept art eh h hhhhh

School Days Lyra





Gangster Gwen

Clockwork Heart Alpha


Horus Idris

Also here is a meme UwU

K thx bye

Whispers “Pls like if u want to see more… When i find more” ;-;


The gangster gwen black and whites are gorgeous and definitely sellable artworks.


Im so glad they added horns on reza


Same with Alpha’s, Baptiste’s and Lyra’s (touched up a little)


Top left or right grace is better than normal grace


Any of the top ones, really. One of my favorite non-skin splash arts anyway though.


Origins Reza recolor coming soon?
(Don’t get why they added the helmet and then release the original concept as a separate skin on Idris)


Wish we could see the individual pictures better.