Self-Congratulatory K/DA Skin Acquisition

After reading about the “first ever” Prestige skin, sometime around mid-October I cracked and spent my first real money on League - I purchased the Worlds 2018 Pass and decided that I would work towards getting the Prestige Kai’Sa skin. A lot of work, and time, went into obtaining it, and I just wanted somewhere to post my success.

About 5 minutes ago, I reached exactly 2500 Worlds Tokens.


Im honestly amazed.

Theres no way In hell I could grind that long for a skin.

Atleast in the future you’ll be one out of the few to have a piece of history in your account :sneezing_face::ok_hand:

Thats how you make a LE skin available and worth the quality


I have no idea how much work or what scale of achievement this is, but congratulations nonetheless


Less than a month ? Wow, congrats !!!

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That’s a great achievement for a great skin! Kudos! :vgcheersx3:

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It was so worth it. The skin is so cool. I think it’s given me an odd placebo as I’m doing even better than before as Kai’Sa (who is one of my mains) simply because I want to play the part of the skin!

I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like they play better with a cool skin! :sunglasses:

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I definitely think I play better when I believe I look badass doing it

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I think I might need to drop money on LoL as well :star_struck::drooling_face:

They just released Prestige KDA Akali today.

Rip to everyone that wasted their 2500 world tokens on P Kaisa

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Well, crap. So much for my pledge not to spend any more money this month on games.


…so begins my new grind, I suppose.