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Seems like the old forums are really gone for good now


I just tried going on the old forums today to look at something on there and it seems like they’re truly closed down now, as the domain is non-functional and only displays an error message.

Although the old forums were relatively useless at this point (due to the existence of this site and most of the relevant/useful information already being archived) and this was highly inevitable, it’s really sad to see that all of the content on there is completely lost now.


That breaks my heart. I’ve been in the old forums for almost 3+ years and seeing something at least just the website go down makes me sad.


Yeah. The feels. So much history gone.


At least they did keep it for a year after its closure, a decent time for everyone to get their favourite topics saved but it is indeed sad to see it go.





:crab: :crab:. :crab:. :crab:


Damn I was on them just the other day! Must’ve been like Sunday I think? Was I the last person to visit the site?


You are not alone, brother. I was there too