Secondary forum icon

I wonder how to get 2nd icon in our account of this forum. I saw some of us use gwen or reza icon in below our main icon :slight_smile:

That’s “flair” that’s associated with certain badges … currently, the only badges with flair are the Patreon badge and the ones for Team Gwen and Team Reza (back from the Red Lantern event).

You can actually still get the Team Gwen or Team Reza badges – just join the corresponding group, and the system will award the badge the next time the query runs to check if you’re eligible.


additional q - no more badges for these events? the houses icons are pretty qt tbh (kuma 4 lyf)

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I already join the group but still “flair” atm. I only got title “Team Reza”

Looks like you joined both – the title will be the last one you joined. And the system apparently just ran the badge routine, because now you have the Team Gwen flair. :gwenrainbowbarf:


I see you got gwen up :gwenrainbowbarf:


If you want Reza instead, I can change it for you. Unfortunately, in the current version of Discourse, you can’t change your primary group yourself.

I used to join team reza group. And recently I leave the group and rejoin team reza + join team gwen… It seems bugged idk why haha

Yeah, I noticed that I got the flair, but only the gwen one

nvm, I’m more comfortable with the gwen one. Thx for your fast response and your help :slight_smile:

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Actually you can change your flair by changing the displayed title XD idk if that is a bug or easter egg

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Oh cool – that’s actually how it’s supposed to work! (I seem to recall it not working that way originally, but my memory is notoriously un-good.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It might not work all the time but i know i lost flair by displaying regular just changed back to team gwen to double check that it can come back up

It might not – I just checked, and your primary group is now “Mageborn”, so I don’t think the flair will show up.

THAT’S what the issue was – your primary group changes unpredictably, unfortunately. (Hopefully this will be a user-selectable option in Discourse 2.0 …)

If you want me to fix it, let me know.

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I honestly don’t care that much. Though i think it is predictable i might do some more tests or you can but mageborn was the last group i joined so it might be based on that

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Little update on primary groups. It is based off of tbe last group you join currently due to the group settings forcing all groups to be set as primary when joining. This can be changed by our lovely admins though