SEA's toxicity is even worse than cancer itself

I don’t know what the other servers are like but the toxicity in SEA is like well, worse than cancer. Yeah. I just got paired up with ex T8S who trolled with CP Lyra and bunch of kids who didn’t know how to draft, picked stupid heroes and swore/pinged toxic pings at my face. Just a lot of shit that makes me wanna leave the game and what even worse is the devs are just focusing on the game not the community. They promised to #FixYourShit but they didn’t and they even did it themselves (). What a waste of a good game to bad devs and the community.

@moderators uhh I don’t think the name of a dev should be allowed there…?

Agreed and this is clearly a saltmine post.

Now you are sarcastic too? This ain’t a joke this is reality.

This probably does go in salt mine. All you are doing is stating the issue, you aren’t saying how they could fix it. The game isn’t too broken but vg does need a test server for hero testing to release hero’s that start off at least a little balance. :confused: I don’t come across horrible people, just people who are bad at the game. No trolls yet.

Edit: by that I mean 5v5, I’ve seen plenty in 3v3. Also I’m on the NA server, it might just have better people?

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Problem is SEMC focus on the game to much that they neglect the community, leading to disasterous choices like the Blueprint system, Talent system, balancing changes (E.g Gwen too OP, nerf 10 point of WP from her Boomstick perk. Baron not that good anymore, nerf attack speed from +2% per level to +1% per level) and super high number of trolls (which they conducted themselves).

They can never balance heros too. Either too weak or OP. :frowning:
It’s sad.

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Hey, in EU we got plenty of people wich buy full trap and run it down lane cause you taxed a minion. Would enjoy playing on SEA.

EDIT: Oups, I forgot I was one of them btw. Stop taxing pls.

cp lyra isn’t necessarily trolling…

Dude quit complaining, you’ve given one match as an example. Besides your playing non ranked matches (have you made draft yet?) so what would you expect? Pro play?

That’s a ranked draft match.

Finally i know, who said SEA is toxic = how actually toxic it self, really you guys just like those LOL player noob, pro hell wannabe who only following meta. And after i won argument because i said “I pro WP idirs” (I swear i can’t using cp Idris even if there’s a buff that his B deal 999999999 damage) and they said i’m noob, toxic kid BUT I JUST THE FIRST ONE WHO GET LVL 12 AND LEAD NETWORTH, FAST FARM, THE FIRST ONE WHO GET TURRET, PLUS SOLO KILL. They refuse to help me even he will get kill or assist lmao xD

So i’m done play this game that’s pro player wannabe still controlled by “rule”, still thinking FOLLOW META = WIN. And this is just like on LOL community and i’m done with this (hopes the community will gonna open minded and better)

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I’m in SEA. I encounter lots of bad players. I team up with mostly random guy with tier 8-10 and they usually bad pingings to me cause I’m the lowest rank in the team. Just mute them. But stay positive, pay attention on self improving more than other players. And the last is go party I always soloq and always regret that xD


Don’t have party nowadays…

Fking 30 chars

Wait, so who is toxic?

Also liked your post because it was well structured with a clear and concise point.

People who thinking other people toxic and keep their ego tilt they actually toxic.

They changed LPQ. There is no exact system to deal with toxic players without players abusing it. The current LPQ changed were great to mitigate toxicity, but SEMC cannot control their players. It sucks you have to deal with toxic players (there is a toxic player I encounter a lot, mostly on the enemy team now, so those were ez wins. Won’t name this player tho), but you should not be condemning SEMC for not being able to completely being able to deal with these players.

Why there are other games that are being purged by their devs from trolls but Vainglory hasn’t made any progress?

You can try to but most toxicity is started by a new person not understanding things tutorials only dont really explain much besides how to use abilities and things like last hitting. There is no official resource on what pings mean how to use them, what feeding is, or even what toxicity means.

Wish I could agree… I’m often trolled in game and when I ask why the response is “I’m bored” “because I can” “fuck your mom in her belly button” etc etc… kids are arseholes, they’ve yet to develope a social conscience, the world owes them / they are the centre of the world why expect them to behave any different?