Scaling buff on Captains

So lots of captains are fun because they benefit from CP or Health scaling that boost their utility (Grace, Lyra, Fortress…) so they actually have some build paths rather than just keep on building the same boring utility because you all know just being tanky doesnt help that much in 5v5. But some captains dont have that fun and diverse option in their build and need some changes so they can fit more in 5v5:
-Churnwalker: I always laugh so hard looking at his 1% CP scaling in his ult. Maybe make CP increases the hitbox of his chain or the range that enemy have to move out to break the chain idk… And also I hope they can make like a mark or something on the chained target, that would be nice because 5v5 is so chaotic that you dont know which target is hooked or not.
2/ Ardan: Well I think hes already good but to make him more fun, increase the slow duration on his A when he builds CP
3/ Flicker: Perk activation time when he enters a bush decreases with CDR, ult’s stealth duration increases with CP, when his B ends he gains some speed boost that scales with health or CP so he can actually be helpful saving a running teammate and retreating too… Idk just some of my suggestions
4/ Phinn: I dont play him that much so I have no idea. Maybe decrease that lil stomping time so at least he can catch up.


Let Phinn get passive speed increase 0.02 CP ratio so 100 CP gives him .2 movement speed. Cap it at 150 CP so that he can get 3.3 mov speed with a shatterglass and not be such a slouch.

Ardan is fine imo though the slow might be nice.

Cath needs an aoe overdrive on her stun or a stun/bubble duration that scales with CP.


These are excellent ideas! Nice work


I like the churnwalker changes tbh
He needs to be able to do SOME damage other than basic attacks

To be fair his chains do wicked damage. And he amplifies the damage he divides between enemies. The 1% ratio seems horrible but is rather good. Churnwalker is probably the strongest captain in the game when you build full utility.


He’s actually horrible in soloQ, and since there’s no indicator that he has chained someone, 90% of the time I end up trying to chain an enemy only to realize that he already was chained.
To be fair I only played him like 4-5 times, but since I mostly soloQ I feel helpless AF when trying to save my team since the fight is most of the time dragged away from me.

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I soloqued with him yesterday and was impactful. You can see the chains also check if your B and C are up. If they are up you have hooked at least 1 target.


CW so hard to play lol. Sure he can make sick plays but only when its a 10-man collapse on each other. He cant save teammates and doesnt have any initiation skill either. His core skill A has like the smallest hitbox which if you miss youll have 3s of doing nothing. Not to mention if your team falls behind and forced to play defensively, hes the worst captain you can have.

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Churn Walker is ridiculous provided the carriers are competent. The biggest problem is that most soloq carriers are horrible…

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I think ideal team with him could be Churn, a healer, two heavy damage carries, and a jungler. Big fight comes out, you have the jungler and Churn up front, taking some hits, healer midline, carries in back/off to the sides hitting Churn’s targets? I agree, if it comes to defense you’re useless…

You can pull an enemy chasing your ally back to you saving your ally.

Your Ult is a wicked Aoe stun.
You can tank the most damage in game as long as your enemies are getting hurt.

Ever pulled an enemy running away back into turret range? Most fun to be had in game!!

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Phinn really needs a big buff. His movement speed is ok but his ability’s speed need to be increased and maybe his tankiness too.

Well apparently every captain need to be tankier. I can feel even Alpha is harder to take down than a captain (cuz she has 2 lives and probably have some lifesteal too) which is cancerous


flicker is very strong in 5v5 and pretty good in 3v3

it’s better to let him be…

Churnwalker is the best captain, coming close to Flicker, in 5v5. Says a guy who has mained captain all VG career. I even 1v1 squishy and ignorant carries if they get too comfortable around me.

The only way to buff and not break him would be increasing the chain length per certain percentage of CP. Not something too big. Let’s say 25% of the original length as a bonus MAX.


Imo Grace is better than them, she can apply constant utility while other captains have some downtime.

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A flicker with frostburn practically makes it impossible for you to move with his B. Yeah definitely buff cp churnwalker.

I thought slow dont stack
(30 characters)

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I’m not too sure but that slow felt quite ridiculous

nope it’s not stacking
but his a will benefit from fb.