SAW suggestion to counter tanks

○Explanation: with the 5v5 game becomes too much of a macro game, turrets have recently been buffed to insane level and with the new items complementing tank plays, SAW's role as a Turret Buster will make a macro game even more macro. Also, his HP and other stats are greatly inferior to the hero pool. These changes will address that by adding some much wanted micro and will give him a new role as a Tank Buster. Also, this rework marks the introduction of a second cross-hero perk: Relentless.

○Changes list:


•HP: 715-2268 (+141.25 per level).

•HP regen: 0.3% per second.

•Energy: 155-375 (+20 per level).

•Energy regen: 1% per second.

•Armor and Shield: 20-50.

•WP: 20-46 (+2.375 per level).

•Attack speed: 200%.

•Range: 6m.

•Movement speed: 3.1 m/s.

●Perk: Spin Up:

•After each basic attack, SAW gains 1 stack of Spin Up. Each Spin Up stack increases SAW's attack speed by 40% and makes his basic attacks to deal an additional 0.2% of the target's max HP as bonus WP damage. Max 5 stacks. After not attacking for 1.5s he will start losing stacks at a rate of 1 stack/0.1s.

•Bonus attack speed is applied and spreaded evenly in 5 Spin Up stacks, not his base attack speed and SAW gains 25% more total attack speed but 20% less WP from items.

•Relentless: Incoming damage reduced by 0.75% and stun duration reduced by 1.25% for every % missing health.

(Relentless now applies to Ardan, Glaive, Rona and SAW.)

●A: Roadie Run:

•SAW pulls out his combat knife and gains a speed boost for 2s. While this ability is active, his next basic attack deals 50% more WP damage and a % of the target's missing health as CP damage.

•After stabbing someone, he'll roll back. The roll distance is capped at 400 CP.

•Cooldown: 15s/14s/13s/12s/10s.

•Energy cost: 50/75/100/125/150.

•% missing HP: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% CP damage +2.5% CP.

•Rollback distance: 5m +2.5% CP.

(Melee range: 1.5m. Cooldown kicks in after the ability has ended).

●B: Suppressing Fire:

•SAW fires a hurricane of bullets at a set direction for 1s, dealing damage to enemies within it and reduce their total attack speed and CP by 25% for 3s.

•CP will increase the range up to a maximum of 14m.

•Cooldown: 8s/7.5s/7s/6.5s/5s.

•Energy cost: 25/35/45/55/65.

•Range: 8m + 2% CP.

•Damage per second: 100/175/250/325/400 CP + 150% WP + 200% CP.

(Deals damage in 5 small ticks, once every 0.2s. Deals the first tick of damage upon activation. Cooldown kicks in after this ability has ended).

●Ult: Mad Cannon:

•SAW switches to his integrated Mad Cannon. His Mad Cannon can't Spin Up but each basic attack will deal more base WP damage and a % of the target's max HP as WP damage and CP damage if built.

•SAW can switch weapon types instantly and his Mad Cannon recharges shells over time.

•Cooldown: 0s.

•Recharge time per shell: 6s/5s/4s.

•Number of shells: 15.

•Base WP damage increase: 50%/75%/100%.

•% max HP: 2.5%/3.75%/5% WP damage +1.25% CP.

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Is the roll back not capped with CP? Cause this would actually be funny with all SG lol. SAWnic the hedgehog!


400 CP now. Damn I forgot that. Thanks.
(Ps I can remove that if you boys want it though :joy::joy::joy::joy:)

i rather have the names of the abilities and the concept of saw all scrapped and removed until they fully rework him

Well, if so, I have a second rework too. I posted that on Vainglory and Niv S A W it

but i bet u he didnt r e p l y

He repped me with a long letter, twice.

lmao :laughing:

30 Numbers n characters

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