Sanctuary and River shop ranges with images

With a week of 5v5 under the belts of early access users, it might be getting to the point that players will want to be more efficient with their decisions so they can make plays faster and better. One good example of this is shopping very quickly, so much so that your hero does not even stop moving. I decided to set out on figuring out how far away you can shop from the river shops and the base, and these results can be used so you know the best way to walk by a shop while moving and how to minimize the amount of steps you have to take to the shop and back.

My methodology for this was observing the golden pot icon in the bottom left corner, it signifies if you are able to shop or not by appearing if you can shop and disappearing when you can’t. You can still shop while outside of a shop range for 2-3 seconds max, so I stayed still and ensured that I was on a border. I placed scout cams as placeholders so you can see where you can shop. Here are the results:

The sanctuary shop range is everything within SAW’s surpressing fire range.

This range is really interesting because you can shop from your sanctuary without being healed since the healing portion of the sanctuary is smaller than the shop range.

As for the river shops, everything within the scout trap perimeter is the shop range
Top lane shop (this one is a bit off on the left side, I will fix it later)

Bottom lane shop

What’s interesting to take away from this is that the small bush can be used to shop in regardless where you are in it while the larger bush gets cut off. Additionally, you could shop while also selecting the treeant and it’s jungle camp companion as targets so you can take objectives while looking through the shop.