Samuel 5v5

So this guy hits luck a truck in 5v5 thanks partly to his empower attacks and range; he can lay down a tonne of DMG and his ultimate provides a lot of utility in team fights.

Thoughts? Anyone played him much?

He’s a beast this patch, that’s for sure. I watched a Girls and Glory match last night where the Samuel was able to 1v3 the enemy team more than once (not always kill them all, but certainly he was able to zone them out of their own jungle and allow his team to respawn).

he’s my main. i love the challenge of hitting a moving target…

Skye is a challenge… i always imagine that i’m playing a game of snooker when i use his malice and verdict…

Yes, his splash damage is SO punishing. In a team fight, I love watching the entire enemy team go from 90% health down to 30% health from just a few good shots… serves you right for bunching together. :rofl:

I get more assists than kills when i play him.


Yeah just had him vs me in lane and he was a monster, he dealt huge DMG, and in 5v5 is slightly easier to hit skill shots.

So many hero’s seem to do huge DMG, watched VONC play WP Baptiste, it was sick he was 2/3 v1 the enemy.

too true. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, even when I’m playing the best of everyone.

He’s the only hero which i actually want to kill steal…:rofl: because i feel like i deserve it…

kill secure

He’s the heavy artillery. Yeah, I’ve been playing him recently again and think he’s probably the best mid laner in 5v5.

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Samuel is always my fav hero. But i dont play him much because when i played he just gave assists than kills. I think because his Drifting Dark.

his midlane push is just so good… as long as he gets time to rotate down to shop and jungle abit…

everybody is scared of the drifting dark and i love putting multiple heroes to sleep in the middle of all the chaos… ( because it’s so easy to dodge / block, you have to drift dark and do it while the rest of your team is engaging…)

He is very strong in the laning phase of the game I think - and one of my favourite top laners - combo of long range, aoe damage and great sustain make for a solid turret holder.

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I think his drifting dark moves way too fast. His drifting dark cannot be used to bombard a zone. The directional movement of DD feels like a liability. Without DD his Malice and Verdict are a joke.

Any tips on DD use. Forward backward diagonally it all moves too fast and I lose the much needed buff to M&V

It’s his health sustain which make him so difficult, no other CP has this and it enables him to exchange with WP laners from the get go…

advice on DD… move… constantly. but knowing which way to cast … i feel can’t be taught… you either have enough experience… or you don’t…

know the flow of the fight… push or retreat… staying in one spot ( cast sideways )… knowing how to create that very elusive DD that doesn’t move … ( it actually does but the animation is frozen)…

all i can say is practice practice practice… heaps… if you can get 2 hits of M&V on a dancing koshka or skye… you’re golden. his M&V is probably one of the hardest skill shots in the game when going against a melee close combat… but so punishing when you pull it off…

that’s his weakness… high mobility and close combat… like WP Idris… stay away from him…

so because it is so hard to pull off… keep at a nice range… not too far… not too close… and most of your M&V will connect. A good DD and M&V combo should get about 3 - 4 M&V out (8 total)

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I can get 4 hits out of DD and know where to cast it. Problem is the movement of that cloud is so very very fast :frowning: if you engage with it and the enemy chooses to dive you instead of run you are screwed. If you disengage the enemy will not engage and you just lost your damage…

yeh thats what i mean about knowing the flow of battle… you either know or you don’t…

DD is as fast as your walking pace… if it feels too fast… it means you just not creating enough “flow”

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If my enemy is stationary DD will outpace me or I will overextend.

Casting DD at a 45 degree angle either towards or away from the enemy is often ideal. The river really lets you take advantage of all the options DD offers.


Definitely. 5v5 has way more angles and room to use DD. It’s why Sam is so good now.