Salty rant, not really... My hopes for balance in 4.0


Did you just turn my boy taka into a masseuse? :lanceheresy:


Shows the line of skins, a masseur and gymnast Taka among them.

Yes, they all have abs to appeal to the ladies, hehe.

In all seriousness though, the naming scheme and the entire kit is the result of late night ideas I have at times.


Here are another hero idea I’ve had.

  • Hero Idea A (Captain Hero) - An anthropomorphic Eastern dragon of the winds. (Tentative name: Kaze, it’s Japanese for wind by the way.)

Heroic Perk - Stormrider.

When Kaze is out of combat for more than 2 seconds, he gains bonus move speed.
Additionally, add slows inflicted on him have their strength and duration halved.
All of Kaze’s abilities does not stop him in place.

A - Tornado.

Kaze generates a difference in pressure around him, gradually creating a tornado over a few seconds.
After that. he unleashes a tornado to a targeted location, dealing crystal damage and knocking up any enemies caught along the way for a short duration.
Kaze can cast the tornado out early, but the knock-up duration, damage dealt and distance travelled decreases base on how long the tornado has been wound up.
Knock-up duration scales with bonus health gained from items.

In essence, it’s akin to like Samuel’s A and Skye’s A. The ability will first prompt the player to target a location. Then the ability will begin winding up before a tornado is released towards the targeted location.
Like Samuel’s A for this casting.
He can cast the ability early, like cancelling Skye’s A but instead of cancelling, it’s to cast the ability.

B - Microburst.

Kaze brings down a microburst around him after a short duration, dealing damage and pushing all enemies out of the area around him.
If enemies collide with terrain or structure, they are stunned briefly.
Stun duration scales with health.

C - In the Eye.

Kaze generates a storm around him that moves with him.
The winds slows deals damage and slows them down, while granting him and his allies his Heroic Perk’s bonus move speed until the end of the duration.
Additionally, all other Kaze’s abilities cast faster while this is active.

It’s a hero designed for just so that he doesn’t stop moving while casting abilities. Seems kind of simple mechanically I suppose.

Got some other imaginative ones, but kind of hard to actually imagine or put then into words properly.