Salty 5v5 ranked rant

Ive played a lot of 5v5 ranked got the T4 bug. Then got the elo win loss bug. So now they say its all fixed. is it? Im still losing retarded amounts for a loss vs a win. The grind dose not feel worth it. win two lose one and your screwed? with worse elo then before your wins. no thanks. im salty as hell because after they fixed the elo jump they said “ok, hey our bad its fixed now. sorry to bad your elo go messed up now go ahead and play where it left you. LOLS” I want to play ranked and progress up but if this is what its gonna be. HELL NO!


They once did that fix mid season.

They removed 2 full tiers of ELO and at least 50 matches worth of wins to reset. Then they checked again and said neh thats fine.

They have no clue what they are doing…

I lose 30 points as t5 vs poa gold and in 3 wins I gained 40 points vs same rank as me…

Losing is punished 3x as heavily as winning is rewarded…


Yeah I had 5 wins and only got like 30 elo for all 5. lose 1 and and drop like 200 elo. !?!?!?!??! so I said somthing to EdTheShred. He said there was an elo bug and to check social media for update. well on twitter they say they fixed it. It also seems to be a waste of time to ranked right now.

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Just lost 40 points again. I get like 12 points for winning and lose 40 for a loss so I need a 75% winrate to stay in credible threat? The fuck?


They finally made it a gambling game. Your allies RNG.

Every game is an all in when losing and simple blinds when winning…

Won’t be playing 5v5 like this

my advice is, dont play 5v5 ranked for a while, at least until the elo system is confirmed fixed. My friends and I just practice on casual 5v5 since 3.1 update

These games amounted to zero Elo. 1 loss=no gain from 5 others…


You’re kind enough to “confirm” it for us aye :wink:

because we can’t trust SEMC’s word anymore…

Who’s willing to be the Lab Rat?


This is true, I lose MASSIVE amoint of ELO when I lose and need like 3 wins to get back where I was… and this in 5vs5 mode where the single impact is LESSER compared to 3vs3.

IMHO the elo gained/lost should be slower in general and lean towars the +, i.e. gain 7 elo, lose 5 as the impact you make as individual is less in 5vs5 and most do soloq… and their win/lose depends a lot more of the teammates that are 4 now. Losing two games drops you a tier now and guess how that feals when you are support and had a super noobish teammates vs poa players haha


The game is for teams now… soloq is alful and punishing, not to mention the fun to play for example 2vs5. This happened a lot to me… only one competent team mate and 3 dmb fcks. Sorry for my language, it’s not their fault, we all where there, it’s semc and matchmaker fault.

Edit: 2vs3 you can pull off, 1vs3 is duable here and there, but 1 or 2 vs 5 is insta delete no matter how good you are if you engage

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My loss was as captain yeah… .

Why is this in saltmine? The game is obviously still horribly bugged and people are justifiably frustrated.

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it is bugged.

just played 2 games of ranked 5v5 -

  • first game, LOSS, still gained 40 elo…
  • second game, WIN - gained another 40 elo

I dunno… maybe it’s rewarding me for all the shitty AFK games i had prior to those “normal” games?


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