Sad lyfe of a captain

I just lost 5 times as roam Flicker. I did everything right and somehow my team couldnt win the team fight. I lay vision everywhere, roam every lane to help. I pop atlas on a fed Saw and my jungler did not attack him. And even their Saw was so far away, my carry always got rekt by theirs… I tried my best but sadly cant carry as a roamer lol.
Then I decided to go Koshka and snowball their team so hard, now I can sleep in peace.

It’s not your fault.
The poopy poop of carries and junglers are increasing.

Captain impact is diminished unless you do hybrid captain like CP Grace or WP Lance with just 2-3 utility let the hero kit define the captain not the utility…

Spellfire De Grace for example is a monster.

@MobileLegendPlayer, your username is worth its weight in gold.


Don’t play roam now unless you are partying up, soloq is terrible. You can get FoR, Atlas and every other utility item you can’t save an overextended carry forever or expect them to punish opponent’s mistakes

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Wrong stealth hero. Should have picked the man the myth the legend himself, Taka. That’ll show them noobs.


If you want the most impact play mid lane. That way you can protect mid lane turrets and be in the best position to rotate.

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As a fellow cap main, it helps to learn roamers who aren’t roamers. It’s fun and can you give insight for true cap heroes. (Also, you can carry your team)

I like roam Celeste and roamtiste.

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used to be a somewhat decent captain, ended up falling flat on my face in 5v5 since holy crap i need to babysit a lot of lanes help when did all go wrong??

i kinda just play either Gwen, Koshka, or WP Grace now, 5v5 is helping me become at least a decent carry sooo

Honestly, you could play jungle and feed, but people still wouldn’t blame you as much as the captain who doesn’t save them when they over extend on the other side of the map

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CP grace ftw. I swear she is so monstrosly strong. Passive damage reduction improved shielding. A sick sick heal and s ton of damage. It doesn’t even require utility items.

In 5 matches, I played three times as captain. Mostly I played Lyra but I built her with CP like Alternating Current, Dragon Eye and sometimes Shatter Glass. In 5v5 playing as captain roam is nearly impossible because of the big map so it is hard to cover all those three lanes. Lyra walked along that river and helped allies to heal and if there is chance she can kill with her amazing perk. Besides Lyra, Grace is also very good with WP or CP. So in 5v5 if I played captain, I wont build full roam item. However, FoR and Crucible are still important items to buy.

I think roamer and captain should be different now. Heroes such as Flicker, Tako, and Koshka are terrific roamers and Fort if he plays with the jungler at all times while the captains are tanker or provide some sort of protection/support. Fort is really a supportive assassin while Grace, Lance, Ardan, etc are good tanky captains who can fight in the heat of battle. Unfortunately slower heroes like Phinn and CW do not feel super impactful in 5v5 as they build stacks easily and cannot roam well at all. I think we just gotta break our mentality on what a captain in and ditch the whole subject as I feel it is too broad rn since every hero in 5v5 can play multiple roles now. Cath is a disruptor/tank, Grace is a tank and a bruiser, Flicker is a roamer and utility hero, Fort is an assassin and initiator, Ardan is a tanky bruiser, Lance is a tanky bruiser, Lorelai, and Lyra are supportive mages, Adagio is a supportive carry, CW and Phinn are tanky disruptors, etc. Also, the decreasing importance of some defense items allow these “captains” to finally branch out that 5v5 does not allow them to do without another support.


I agree we need new terminology. Building full utility on grace or Lance or Adagio is a waste.


True ive noticed this to: damage> roaming.
Unless you play arden or 1 or 2 other roamers you wont have much effect if your team is being deleted. Id say even having 1 roamer who does low damage is actually bad for your team vs 5 carry/junglers enemy team. Better to pick grace- buy fountain and then rest damage an carry ur team m8


Im having so much fun playing cooldown Cath, can even win a 1v2 vs Celeste and Ardan lol. Poor Ardan helplessly punching me with no damage. Thats when you realize how limited it feels like when you go full utility on captain.
Anyone knows what offensive item to build on Flicker? I think his playstyle is really fun, like when ur in the same bush with them and they know theyre being watched but cant do anything if scout is on cooldown.

Well I think with Lyra you have to choose either health+cooldown build or glass canon cp build cause you either drop your heal on allies or drop it on enemy, cant do both, so hybrid tank+cp on Lyra is not that good.

Sadly this is true. Sad in the way that some of us enjoyed to play support.

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No, i barely threw my heal to the enemy coz i knew it would be useless so i prefer threw it to my allies. Mostly i killed the enemies only using the basic attack. Lyra has a good basic attack with AC and DE in 5v5. Playing tank Lyra? I doubt that’ll work.

I think Support heroes like Adagio, Lyra is too squishy, even if I built full defence. In a team fight they wouldn’t make such a difference anyways as everyone is targeting them first.