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Sabo Hero Voicelines



I will start putting out voice-lines for my hero ideas. Keep in mind, however, that the voice lines will only be for the newer ideas I’ve created as some of my older heroes are showing their age and need to be reworked. I won’t have a consistent schedule for these as my greater effort will be dedicated to new hero ideas, the planned reworks and also the anticipated lore.

Sabo Voice lines

While Moving

“Maybe I’ll finally get lucky today”

“I’ve become what I’ve hated”

“It was quite some time since I’ve seen happiness in an era”

“So this is what animals and nature look like”

“The fact that minions remain oppressed shows that we never change”

"Technology is more a curse than a blessing.

“My heart would bleed if I still had blood”

“Somedays I wish I had the courage to aim my last shell at my own head”

“I’m too old for this”

“A soldier is defined by their skills, not their mechanics.”

“War changes, but death never does”

“Dammit I’m still alive.”

While attacking:

“Imagine if I had a power Gauntlet for punching people.”

“You ever played Undersprawl Roulette? I haven’t lost yet”

“I’m always overclocked. would not recommend doing.”

“Only elitists refuse default settings.”

“Magic is no substitute for tried and true composite armor”

“Armored Superiority”

“Once my reload is complete you’re next”

“I shoot things, and they blow up, simple”

“Looks like my tour of duty has once again been extended”

“This is my cannon arm, there is only one of its kind and it is mine”

“All I hear is the dings of rounds and blades bouncing off my armor”

“I regret using up all my HEAT ammunition early on”

“Gotta cycle these shells faster, too much downtime”

“Target neutralized, onto the next one”



Upon Learning Ultimate

“About Time I got an upgrade”

“You bring the rain, and I call down the Thunder”

“Non-Line of Sight System online”

“Paint me a target, the heat’s coming”

Upon Death

“I’m not ready to die…not…yet”

“Looks like I’m finally relieved of duty”

“I’ve had a good long run”

“I have…no…more…regrets”

“Hope…maybe it’s my time to dream at last”


“Oh walk it off pansy I have it much worse than you”


“Hello, you gonna help me out here or what?”

“Great I’ve got an MIA controlling me and nothing to do with this spare time”

“Could we maybe hurry this match up a bit, it’s boring just standing here and posing”

“You know being more machine than man isn’t so bad, you no longer have to worry about going to the washroom, having children, or eating… actually who am I kidding? being a cyborg sucks.”

“I wonder when my logistics support will arrive.”


I was reading all of this with Ultron’s voice in my head. Would be sweet.