Rumble Mode


The Rumble sunlight event has returned this weekend – huge amounts of sunlight for very little work (you can complete the entire checklist in only 4 matches as long as you win 1 of them).

I won my first 3/4, then went on a 3 match losing streak, then started winning again. All but 1 match were really fun! (The one that wasn’t was … terrible. Lol.)


This goes back to how many, including myself at one point, jumped on the salty bandwagon too soon. We hated on how the BP would be way too long of a grind. I’m already level 63 and will often have to take a full week off due to my work schedule. The events really help.

More on topic, rumble is an awesome game mode. Super fun in party play as well. I always find the voice chat to be so hilarious with friends. Just a great way to work on team play, rotation, but be casual and have fun!!


Glad rumble is back again. I’ve yet to play it as I’ve been focused on trying to get out of my elo but it sounds like exactly the direction semc should take. Down with talents! Lol.

On a side note, I think a lot of people jump on the salty bandwagon for things that don’t need salt too easily, especially some of the recent changes to heroes and items. I find it largely comes down to having to relearn how to build a hero or play differently with them and nowadays few people want to do that, or even try. I’ve had so much success lately with playing jungle Flicker and Captain Inara, but go into a game and the whining commences due to ‘meta’. I’ve been meaning to make an off meta post since old forums but people’s reception to even a suggestion that something else might work (which would make logical sense due to the changes, I might add) has sapped that will.

Anyway, more on rumble, I’m glad people are enjoying rumble. Hopefully they do bring back a classic blitz and start realizing that the old market adage of selling people something they don’t even know they want doesn’t work unless it is comprised of something people actually do want, like how everyone wanted the coolest new phone and apple ganked the cool phone market; people were already trying to up each other with phone coolness since flip phones. That was a natural market opportunity. The forcing of talents was not o.O, since everyone thought it was going to be some cool ideas that wouldn’t, but maybe did make it into the main game, and when we saw it was p2w, we thought it’d be at least somewhat fair.


WP or CP? I love WP. Stormcrown, tension bow, sorrowblade, treads, shiversteel, pulseweave. The burst dmg is awesome and slow is lethal. One or my favorite builds I’ve made with flick! Try it out. I usually go crown then treads then tension. Usually shiver after then sb then weave if the game ain’t over yet.

Completely agree. I love off META. Make that post! Also - great to meet you IG today!


Try banner > rush journey boots, finish Stormcrown, AS, defense. This build snowballs so hard and has a lot of utility later on because of CDR and Cruci, Atlas etc. The damage is really high as well for his type of hero.


You too man :smile:! I usually use cp to take advantage of his dmg in teamfights. When I’m playing serious I use Spellfire, Dragon’s Eye, Clockwork, Rook’s Decree, Eve of Harvest, and Journey Boots. His early game cp is insane! You can rack up at least 2-3 kills in the beginning just by picking off enemy groups that your laners have already weakened, and by late game you’re a mortal wounding nuisance that can dive in and out of fights stacking DE and catch fleeing enemies with ease. I do agree that WP Flicker is much more dangerous in terms of killing power on his own though.

I’ve been trying to rank for ages but it’s almost a no-go unless I play after 11pm-10am. Every other time is filled with people my rank who have no idea what they’re doing lol. Does not make not having a party fun. I’d have thought more people know the basics by rank 6-7 but guess not. I guess if I used wp and carried it’d be easier but I hate relying on my team to hold the lane while I jungle, since they’re usually trying to jungle with me at my rank >.< . Plus I’m a skillshot guy. Been so since the beginning of my vg experience