Rumble Mode


Match making and 5-man party being tryhards, of course it’s ones sided.


I’m having more fun than I’ve had in a while. I figured that I’d pick Anka since she’s well-known to be broken and because I have very little experience with her, and she’s a wrecking ball. I’ve consistently gotten 20+ KDA in every game I’ve played with a couple perfect games.


All I can say is… I love this mode, it’s been a long time since I last had so much fun playing VG. Shame it only lasts for 2 days so she can have the boring OFA.


Didn’t even think to play it until I saw this. Gives me hope for a real non-talent blitz mode in the future.


Late to the party but I must say, Rumble feels very nice to play.

It’s short and sweet, with just enough farming time folloeed by skirmishes and/or full blown team fights while trying to capture Helga’s attention.

I feel it’s like what Blitz with no Talents is like for 3v3 but for 5v5 instead. Instead of heavy emphasis on mechanical prowess that 3v3 usually needs, Rumble tones down skill demand a bit and gets people working together more often.


Some games are one sided or very back and forth.

I agree with @hazeleyes that one bad team mate can ruin the match, but preserverance from other members and just grouping up can lead to victory.

I had a good match just today. Both sides were equally good I say.

As with any side game mode, Matchmaking is iffy but overall fun for lower tier battles I guest?


@Bobmax CC is great when coordinated. Now that Captains have decent to great damage, they can usually be a menace to fight.

Kraken in Rumble is more impactful than say an Empowered Blackclaw in One For All. It’s the nature of the map, which encourages players to accompany it; and the Gold flood players get in this mode, which empowers it even more (it gets more health the more Gold each team has I think?).

I think my last match (screenshot in this post), both teams could took out Kraken well before she shatters the Vain Crystal. We did lose all our turrets though.


@NerfElfPls You could say the same for 5v5 in a sense, but I get what you are saying. Try it if you haven’t yet though. If not for the bit of enjoyment, then just the Sunlight rewards.


@Gatorrex I agree that it will be boring for high ranked players, cause it is essentially a compressed 5v5. Like always, no everyone will be pleased with a new game mode.


If they get what the community wants @Guest_78, they might make Rumble a permanent mode. Might need some tweaks and hopefully no Talents though.


My hopes is that Rumble comes up more often in the rotation rather than being a permanent game mode. That way, the community would npt get bored of it too quickly and they have no excuse to put Talents in it.


:drooling_face:Helga? Who’s she?


I hate that taking kraken is pretty much game over she way to strong because of the gold differenc
Out of all the matches kraken push ended all the games pretty much because even with 5 people we still couldn’t take kraken down.


The admin is trying to sound cool by calling the kraken by her real name , she probably hates her name that’s why most people knows her as the kraken only .

But we don’t know the name of the baby kraken in the emotes ?! Or the gender .


Like it, lots of fun. The 3vs3 map is kinda too small for 5vs5, but for the mode purpose it’s totally fine.

@Gatorrex full party that tries hard will always stomp the soloq players that play for fun(even if the MM brings you versus good players that as we all know will not happen frequently). I for example didn’t pick a single time serious pick on this mode. Always heroes that I never/rarely play @ 5vs5 ranked and play for the fun, not for the win.


Full parties will always match against full parties. Ive only gotten 1 even matchup in 10 matches. Ive even won a match on a pacifist run where my whole team doesnt kill the enemy at all.


Who told you that full party will match vs full party only? It was commented on this forums many times in many threads that this is not the case. The match maker matches full party vs FULL SOLOQ even in RANKED 5vs5. Do you think when it does that, that it will match full vs full only in fun mode? :slight_smile:


It ONLY matches full party vs full party. You see it as full party vs solo because there is also the possibility of a trio sniping a duo, or trio sniping 2 solos, etc. And with the number of active players there are, it happens very frequently.


wrong again, as some of us added people from the enemy team for confirmation that they were soloq. Recently there was also a thread about that from fellow forums member that was full party playing + I personally also played with full soloq vs full party a lot of times and checked with the people in my team after the match via adding them and asking.

This was commented literally in 40 threads and confirmed from a lot of people, dunno why you think otherwise (your statement was true in 3vs3 times before 5vs5 release and I think at the first few patches of 5vs5, when there were more players I guess).


Thats no longer the case. You can’t complain about the matches being one sided when you are 5 man team with chat being tryhard vs 5 solo Q players playing for fun. Idk what were you expecting.


WTH?!?! I stop playing for a few days and they did this? i need to play again. i always wanted this as soon as the 5v5 announcement was released. Im not gonna get any sleep this week XD


As has been pointed out several times above, this is not currently true.


Too add… we ranked against each other too…

I was solo queue… and none of my team were partying either… and we were matches against your guild 5 man party…



Send me those games


Well… my bad, i thought there was no party but two of them might have been duo party. And 3 of us with solo.

While your team was 5 man party against us…
So i doubt it’s full psrty vs full party


This is the saddest thing I’ve read in a long time here.