Rubberbanding and playing Ping Pong in-Game : )

Is it me or has the rubber banding problem gotten worse?

Its been a while that I like actually played VG WILLINGLY (except the time I played with Veritas but even then it was bad) and every single time I went down to my lane, I could physically see where I was tapping to where I was actually going.

And Mind you that no MS popped up at any time at the match (I would know since I love taking SSs of high pings for my personal records.)

The whole entire match I had to keep on doing the recall trick so that my position would reset to wherever it was on the server side (Idk though if this is how it works.)

Has this happened to my fellow forumers lately? Cuz rn Im back to not playing Vg…

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For rubberbanding is about the same i.e pretty bad. My issue is with framerate and stutter but thats probably device related.

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