Rona will get buff next patch


But only ult CC immunity doesn’t need a counter. She moves slow as hell while ulting and easily avoided with simple “walk away” move… i.e. the ult got a major weakness (slow movement) and is not the “perfect skill” + when she is not hitting anything with it, she will fastly end the ult.


Cc inmunity in the ult is, as I already said, a no for me. For giving her cc resistance, I would like if they just released an item only bruisers can properly utilise with cc resistance. That way you are not only helping rona but all bruisers that as her suffer from the abundance of cc, otherwise you can try to fix rona but there are still the rest of the bruisers with the same problem.


The slow was decreased, also just “walking away” when she can activate boots and can apply SS would be almost impossible. That would also make every hero with no long dash straight up die and they can do nothing to scape. You’ve seen how much problems is SF giving with his CC inmunity, I don’t think it’s good to have another one that can be inmune forever while moving and dealing lots of AoE damage. So I will still say no.


The AMA revealed that Shin is considering on working on some new items by the end of the season. And also that :vgitem_celestialshroud: hasnt been living up to its expectations since its popped so easily with a hefty CD.

Tbh its probably going to be 3 items at most sadly.


They can revert the speed buff, decrease dmg and whatnot around that CC immunity + do so that if she isn’t hitting to drop out of ult faster. Boots is no argument as everyone got boots on low cooldown and they can boot away too and moving a lot faster than rona in ult.

Item for bruisers is better, I agree as most of them experience problems keeping themself viable.


Thats actually funny. He said cc needs more ways to be countered, yet they systematically nerf RB. What will they release? New items anti cc to later on nerf them and make them useless?


You are still removing most of the counterplay. Most heroes would have no way to scape from her ult with that cc inmunity. Also, boots are an argument because not all heroes in a team buy JB, and not doing so would lead to her being inmune for basically the whole teamfight. I like Colton’s idea about making it clean cc, but granting inmunity is IMO not the way to go. I prefer to give ways to out play and counterplay something instead of making a hero meta by removing all counters.


From what he said, I feel he doesn’t like RB. He also said how he is bad at it and slow reflexes and was like that even when he was a top tier player and thus - he want a automatic rb item lol

Also yes, he said :vgitem_celestialshroud: didn’t do what was the idea as the effect is so easy to kite activate that it’s basically useless.


The issue with her damage, is that late game you are more or less forced to buy pierce on WP carries, except sustained warriors like Rona pretty much are allergic to both WP pierce items. The moment carries have husk, and frontlines have Aegis and Husk rona stops dealing any damage at all.


His point was that reflex block can not be in charge of handling all cc, or it will become (like it was in the past) an automatic buy on all heroes. He said he has actually messed with a bruiser oriented defense item that reduces the duration of cc as well as providing good defensive stats, but that any new items like that will only be done testing by the end of next season. From how he talked though it seems like there are other items in the works that may release sooner, as he made a specific point to say only those items he was mentioning.

edit: the reason an item that reduces duration would take so long, is that it would require a new kind of cc for stuff where the duration can’t be reduced, that would be stuff like Leo and Koshka ult where both players are locked down doing it so reduction would ruin the timing.


That’s an example of why bruiser items are needed. You can’t have a hero not being able to use a stat like pierce. When a hero can’t use any of the multiple items granting certain stat, something needs to change.


I think an item building out of Warmail, and Piercing shard with some passive to benefit frontlining could be really nice.


I actually believe bruisers suffer more from lack of items that fit their play style than from their kits being weak.


Can I heart this a million times.

This is a problem that has flew under the radar for so long. And it adds more work for the balance team since a item might be strong for one group of heros (Ranged Adcs) and by them nerfing it, it hurts another group (melee heros)

Like the Serpent Mask nerfs.

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You mean, like, maybe reducing the cooldown of Aegis, to what it used to be, or especially reflex block? I feel like if a bruiser wants cc resistance with the curent item tree, they need both :vgitem_celestialshroud: and :vgitem_aegis: to stand a chance.


Nah, CS is not important, too easily triggered, so they only have reliably the Aegis, which is pretty meh right now after all those nerfs.


No melee except Kensei can carry the game. And Kensei can’t do that most of the times.