Rona will get buff next patch


Hope she back to the meta


I hope she isnt. Same for CP petal and Krul.


They should revert her nerfs. She won’t be OP today as she was once due to the prevalence of power creep among newly released heroes.


Tbh I wish that all the heroes would be viable in all tiers… like in 2.8 :frowning:


Nivmett already reverted the changes on her but it didnt make a huge difference.

Its just that her kit is a brusier without the bruiser defense aspects and just carry damage. Plus most bruisers rn are pretty much useless to ranged carries with CC (60% of roster)

Imo they should honestly give back her barrier on her perk (so she can frontline more effectively) and lessen the damage that she can deal.


I wish too but impossible with new op heroes


I wish her A ability silence after ground erupted


The problem is that rona is hard countered by cc, and cc has been getting stronger and stronger, so if rona becomes meta by just increasing numbers, that means she is broken. She would be able to consistently beat a hard counter. To be viable, not only she needs number tweaks, but a nerf in general to cc. That’s why I hope that just by numbers she doesn’t become meta, otherwise good luck beating a hero that has an easy time against its hard counters.

To be honest, I think the best choice would be to release bruiser items to help them all survive cc, that would bring bruisers back as that counter (cc) doesn’t become obnoxious but doesn’t delete counterplay. Don’t know if you understand what I mean.

I wished they were all viable, but in its current state with just number changes that would lead her to be op.


Make her ult immune to cc and she will be fine

There hero like her in MLBB same problem they give that hero immune to cc

Now that hero is Meta


So… deleting counterplay? No thanks. I’ve already discussed that and I’ve never been in favour of that.


They will add new heroes with op cc

Even with buff she will stay in bad spot


She don’t have cc so Kite her is the best counter


If you make her inmune to cc, those heroes won’t do anything…

Good luck kiting a hero you can’t even slow.


I actually wouldn’t mind her being immune yo additional slows while ultting, she already slows herself, and you could still knock her out of it with hard cc. It may to a little to help her function a little better without removing counterplay.

Edit: or maybe activating ult her could cleanse movement impairing effects? That way there is actually more counterplay on both sides, but a good Rona can utilize it to Moreno impactful in hectic teamfights which is really where Rona should shine. I also think a good buff would be to give her A WP ratio, this would help a lot in 5v5 teamfights to have that big AOE damage when going in.


What he is saying is inmunity to all cc, that includes stuns, which is what I don’t accept. Slow resistance can be added, it doesn’t remove counterplay, stuns resistance is a no from me.

The thing with cleaning cc is that if you are stunned, it does nothing, it becomes like reza/idris ult, in which the cleaning effect is more symbolic than anything. That could clean slows though.


It could act like Gwen B and be usable when stunned.


That could be a little op considering the almost non existent cooldown of her C. She would become a SF 2.0


Well adjustments would certainly have to be made. Would probably need a 6s cooldown or more. The thing is, you can just give her really good numbers and she may do ok in the meta, but she will have to be made so strong that she will clap any other melee without crowd control.

I would say to be relevant right now her ult needs at least 30% more wp ratio, better fortified HP generation, and her move speed duration on first activation of B probably should be 1-2 seconds longer. Also probably would need better base damage on her A rupture damage especially late game, or add a WP ratio to it.


Imho she needs a little rework… maybe some form of CC effect decreasing or similar (or CC immunity while ult for example). Just by numbers, as you said, she will need such a big numbers buff to be effective that she will be broken.


More, far more. Cleaning all cc each 6s, considering her basic attacks reduce the cooldown would be basically the same as giving her cc inmunity to everything.

I actually thing damage wise she is good, but I agree with the buffs to her FH and speed boost. I would also increase the blood rage she gains and reduce how much she loses so she can stay out of combat more time. Maybe even remove completely the slow of her ult but making any speed boost less effective.