Role Definition

Today we nearly reach 3.0. So we have to renew our role list and their defibition to fit with the new area of Vainglory.

  • Carry: is a person who has to deal the most damage in the game but turn out, they love to play with enemy team sooooo much that they always die first in combat. A carry job is to make his allies carry them.

  • Jungler: a person who aleays stick to jungle no matter what happens. They is alwayd dive into combat first, no matter where their teammates are. When diving, they always target reemy carrry even in order to do it, they have to run to enemy base. When they die stupidly under turret, the first thing they shout is: Fck our carry neve aid them no matter carry had helped them or not. But hey, why carry have to aid them when they never aid carry?

  • Captain: the most badass role here. Theg ony have 2 jobs which is vision control and proct carry but most of thr timr they forget to buy Traps and blame others why they wont join them when fighting in enemy crystal sentry. They remember to usr Fountain but mostly forget that the real use pf Crucible is block CC, not thr shield, and Atlas Pauldron can be activated.

In the end, look at your KDA and look at the second.if you a the true player, that number is always high af. And remember, BF IS PRETTY STRONG IM GAME, HE DOESNT HAVE TO DO A THING, JUST WAIT ENEMY CARRY HAS LOW HEALTH THEN KS.

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