Rogue wants to know

I think one box hates me so ill just paste what it says. Also saw this from a post on my reddit feed.

Now if you dont mind, Ill get back to playing FE3H. Also (again) Happy Belated New Years!!


A Twitter poll? What a dumb way to solicit feedback …

Also, those options … smh :man_facepalming:

If they think that expanding to more devices, changing the UI, and more new heroes are even in the top 10 issues with VG right now, I foresee a continued slide into irrelevance for the game – followed by a quick death the day that Wild Rift is released.

I’m quite unimpressed with Rogue so far.


Speaking about WR, I cant wait for a news update that should be coming soon.


I’d argue cleaned up UI should be top priority. It’s the first thing new players interact with. A cleaned up UI + more meaningful progression is what the game needs more than anything.

I personally would love new items and map adjustments, but in reality that won’t do nearly as much for the game.

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While I agree that the UI is a wreck, making that the top priority is like putting lipstick on a pig.

The game has bigger needs than a prettier UI — a meaningful progression system (as you mention) is one of them.


ARE there any new players these days? Focusing on attracting new players and ignoring the needs/wants of veterans is what cost them their player base. I think a laser-like focus on player RETENTION ought be the first order of business, if they hope to survive Riot’s entry into the space.


An in-game poll, like they did for contender alpha, would have been more appropriate than Twitter. Not expecting much from 5.0 given the recent controversies and rushed approach by devs.

Honestly at least having a poll makes me feel like they care about the game, compare to SEMC just didn’t reach out to players, just hope that they actually implement the most requested idea, or all ideas :grinning:

It’s too soon to compare both. I think you’re underestimating how much effort SEMC put over the years to reach out to playerbase and taking feedback, even under their “dead phase”. Although I do hope that Rogue will surprise us by implementing one of these.


You have a point, but I dont like how they handle things during their ‘dead phase’ and it left a big stain for me about their effort for the game.

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I don’t think Rogue is capable of doing anything more than what is going on at present. It has no engineers on staff, it is not a game development studio in any capacity, it does not have the necessary staff to effect any changes to the core game, and it will need many more members of staff to bring Vainglory to even a fraction of what it was at its peak. Rogue is in over its head and I will not be surprised in the least if it soon gives up on trying to make Vainglory profitable.

They are a total of thirty five people – 15 from Rogue, 15 outsourced Indians and 5 from SEMC as contractors. They also may have freelancers for animations/sound and art designing. That’s enough staff to at least add balance changes or fix EU bug but it seems they don’t give a damn about players and the game, so why would they?

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It’s not that simple. But I will agree that they hardly have any motivations for anything except adding skins to sell. They most likely took the game for that reason - to make some profit, SEMC gave it for the same (I am sure they have some % of the profit, while game costs are on rogue side - speculation ofc, but will be logical).

This would explain a lot of stuff, including why the lags are worse recently. If the game is “milked” and on last stage of that, all costs are cut as far as they can - this will include servers, etc. I don’t have any official info about it, but won’t be surprised to be exactly that. Sadly the game is in a lot more buggy and worse state that it was at 5vs5 release/first year after it released…

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Rogue is a new company, if they manage to revive vg then it would be more impressive than to milk the game. I hope they at least put some thoughts in future vg updates instead of what you just said.

They’re not THAT new, having been founded in 2017, plus they tout their experience in the mobile games space quite prominently in their company’s profile, so it’s not like they’re a startup.

There are numerous problems with the arrangement as described in the announcement, but to mention what I see as the big ones:

  • VG is long past its peak, both technically and (more importantly) with regard to the player base
  • Rogue has no (zero, zilch, nada) experience with any game remotely resembling VG
  • maintaining VG’s code proved impossible even for SEMC
  • neither SEMC nor Rogue is adequately capitalized to devote major resources to VG’s ongoing development

To my mind, that makes the odds of Rogue rescuing VG … rather long indeed.


Thanks for the info and analysis, that’s sad to hear. I think it’s a wasted potential that L3on just become a content creator, his gameplay is very good, but sadly the game is going nowhere.

He just makes some little cash from youtube while playing a game he is really good at. It’s quite obvious when you look him play vs other “good” players how weak is the player base nowdays.

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So I guess everyone who are still involved with vg content creating is just trying to milk the game then. Which is sad.

I think that’s too cynical an assumption, tbh. I think that many veterans of the game still harbor some hope for a return to some semblance of VG’s glory days, so they stay involved with it to whatever extent they feel able.

Take me as an example: I no longer play VG, but I continue to operate this site because I want to support the community that still cares about the game, and I’d certainly consider picking it up again under the right circumstances. I make nothing from this site — on the contrary, it actually costs me a significant amount of money to run.


Sorry for my unclear words and assumptions. I believe there are still lots of passions for vg, however, I believe people who are maintaining the game, Rogue, part of SEMC, or Youtuber, probably are one the more milking the game side than having passion for the game. But I believe this forums still has lots of love for vg.

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Rogue has said they have not, and do not plan to shut down any servers or networking.