Rogue Surprises in 4.11

Put 3v3 back as a visible option on match type pick.

Do I sense promise in the air?

(And removed blitz reloaded. good riddance to that.)


They also added -25 elo dodge penalty.


These seems like little right steps in the right direction :grinning:


Yep, it seems they’re getting a hang of the game.


I see 3v3 as small as before, what changed?


Seriously? That’s huge if true

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All they did was remove Blitz Reloaded. The subsequent tile shifts left made partial room for 3v3. That was not an intentional goal.


Can you confirm? Did someone on your F list have that happen to them? Did you dodge and have that happen to you? I agree with @NinjaBryden that it would be huge. The next step would be to take reports of trolling more seriously.

Why? Troll knows that a dodge will cost 25 elo. But troll is mad at teammates in draft. Troll knows it’ll lose elo anyway. Make a bad pick. Throw in game. Cost all elo. Again, with that said, an elo penalty for dodging would be great.

I’m not sure if it’d be even remotely possible, but if all 4 teammates reported 1 for trolling, it would be cool if the 4 ‘good guys’ had a lesser elo drop or none at all. (Yes, this could be abused like crazy by 5 man teams… It’s a thought, I don’t have the answers. I’m just an old man)

While I haven’t player in ~50 days, progression in the ranking system like this would entice me to try a little harder to find the time to play!

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Yes, guildies on discord server confirmed it for ranked draft in 5v5. There are also some posts on Reddit about same. Though, I too am a little doubtful since there was no announcement about it.

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I’m not. That’s something positive they should have been all over with their announcement and update notes. It’s another example, unfortunately, about how out of touch devs are with the community. I hope Rogue gets better over time than how SEMC was.

New skins shouldn’t be at the forefront of a patch release. What qol changes did you make? (This was a good one!) New/Deleted game modes? (Again, no announcement about reloaded going bye-bye… Another good move!) UI changes? New heroes? Balance changes? All of these should come before their repeated ‘sales’ in the market place and what skins have come out… Just my opinion.

With all that said … It’s most certainly a step in the right direction for ranked game play. I’m happy to hear about it!

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Blitz Reloaded is back to play. Now that’s surprising lol



Oh for f-…sigh. Nevermind. Nevermind it all lol.

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