Road To Vainglorious SEA Server Tournament

On the month of April, the server Road To Vainglorious, is hosting a lil’ 3v3 tournament for the SEA server. There will be prizes for the top 3 teams: 1.3k ICE per person in the 1st place team, 600 ICE per person in the 2nd place team and 330 ICE per person in the 3rd place team. The winners will be determined through a double-elimination format. The actual date of the tournament will be announced at a later time when we get a clearer grasp of everyone’s schedules during that month.

If you’d like to participate in the tournament, please join the following discord server: . Server activity will be required to join the tourney.

If you don’t have a team yet, but would still like to join, just chat around with some of da cool people there until you find someone. Team registrations start by the 20th, so you probably have nuff time to find someone there.

The teams should have a total average elo of about 1600-2000 to ensure that even the lower tiers can have a bit of fun.
Uhhh… Have fun.



GG my elo is kinda low haha. Should probably rank up or something haha :sweat_smile:

Anyways, it’s good to see you here bud! :grin:

Ofc I’d be here! Why wouldn’t I be?

I’m never gonna win that tourney, everybody there literally better than me

Hi can I join the server? It seems really nice.


Boi my elo is 1300+, rip the person’s back who was in my team

Can I go with you??? :wink: I think we’re a pretty good team :smile:

Sure, even though we haven’t played together for like a year lol, better prepare your back tho

Wut? Leo so OP tho, back in the day. And your Celeste is still pretty demn good.

@Airalin Team registration start by Feb 20th, so most of the OGs still dun have teams. You can come back for like that day to pick up team mates or smth if you actually want to join.

I read the “10 days later” above your post in the SpongeBob meme tone…
Anyway, exam gonna start on 21st Feb, sooooo

Uhhh. Drop in for like, 8 seconds, Say “Who wants to team?” and hop out? M pretty sure @Leohert123 and Anshu both don’t have teams. We also got some other cool forumers you could join with too, I guess.

Can I also join the tourney?