RNGesus is real and he loves me

This was my free pull of the chest !! After I tapped I also got a secondary reward screen with 2 of her legendary talent coins. Totally shocked at my luck but I’m not complaining !!

sorry about the brag but this is the best chest I’ve ever opened, period. None of my Ice pulls are ever this good of course :roll_eyes:


Dang – that’s a nice haul! All I got were talents and glory :koshkaeyeroll:

SP Gwen is quite a nice skin – I ended up buying it with ICE because Gwen is one of my baes, even though I’ve barely played this season.

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yep talents for every other free chest so far, but this one picked up the slack lol

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Dude - me too!!!

I must say, it’s bittersweet. It makes me all the more sad my attempts to get SP Catherine failed…


it’s only when you’re not hoping for/expecting results that you get good pulls. Spend 3k on SP Cath for nothing but the free pull for Gwen gives u the skin

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I have multiple accounts and I got nothing , people complained about the lack of rewards , like this free pull is nice but it’s rng after all , one of the Devs said they working on something and said in a week , I think a week passed already so I have no idea what they are doing .

Moar Hats probably :potoo: