River Troll in a River


So now that we have a river in 5v5, does this mean Phinn :phinn: is op? He is a river troll and when he’s in a river he’s in his natural habitat. So whenever Phinn’s in the river he ascends to godhood and goes sonic speed in a single direction. Also he gets crazy amazing (that’s me!) op broken skills in the river because he’s a river troll. Just wait until we get a bush troll or a lane troll. Op trolls everywhere!


Creative. Where’s my paintbrush rating? :paintbrush:


I did try to make the case that Phinn should get an extra river buff because he was a river troll in pbe - but sadly my genius was ignored.


Sadly it was. Playing around the environment adds an extra layer of skill to the game that I really like (but at the same time hate). Good example would be stuff like punching a Treant to activate the snare and maybe catch a pursuer. Bad example is Teemo shrooms and dying just from walking.


Lorelai was the other contender for a river buff - which would also make thematic sense.

I really like the depth that enviromental interaction gives in games like Dota 2 - but it does add a huge layer of complexity.


Lorelai should have gotten the Cassiopeia treatment since she can’t wear boots. Skaarf can get mini boots and Forretress can have doggo boots. If it has feet, it can wear boots, and Lorelai has no feet.


Move speed buff granted in all directions XD


Wut, no. She just puts em on her tail like this

dont u kno how shoes work smh :triumph:


No u infinite plus some more stuff to make 30