Rip Opals?

What’s the point of opals now that you can craft SE skins?

Do SE skins have blueprints now? As far as I was aware they were still ICE/opal only?

I can’t tell because I have all the skins.

Blueprint is hard to obtain, and is random.

Opal’s still the best, easiest method to get SE skins

You can indeed craft them with blueprints now. Wasn’t aware till yesterday either. Don’t know if that’s intentional…
All SE cost 5000 essence regardless of their Opal price.

Maybe they want to get rid of Opas after all and that’s the easing in.

Yeah the first blueprint I got was SE bakuto Ringo.

For some reason it’s only 1k essence to craft SE skins compared to 5k for legendary though that seemed strange.

Just another way to obtain skin. SE skins i mean.

I like your name mate :rofl:
Kind of remind me about love that never give up no matter what

Hu, Bakuto Ringo seems to be an odd exception. Can’t check all SE skins, but most and every other one is 5000. Guess you got lucky!

SE skins are also assigned a “rarity” now. I’m surprised they are craftable at all, but the Essence price seems to carry over.

Yeah the Bakuto Ringo was technically a blue rarity

I thought that was a bug and semc is going to remove that.