Riot's 6 Month Plan for the League Client

The Riot dev team never ceases to amaze: in the article linked above, they’re putting right out in the open some of the major issues with the League client and detailing their plans to address them:

TL;DR: Over the next six months or so we’ll ship a number of changes and improvements to the League client’s backend infrastructure. To track our process, we’ll be sharing specific targets for two main client performance metrics: client bootstrap time (how long it takes for the client to boot up) and champ select lock-in time . In the process of improving these metrics, we’ll also be tackling things like bugs, crashes, etc. Put simply, our goal is to fix the client .


Sometimes I get the feeling that Riot has payed attention to the community complaints of Vainglory more than SEMC had, and are trying to get way ahead of having the same issues before they get into the mobile space. Felt that way since they announced the match times of WR lol.

Tbqh, I doubt that Riot has paid any attention to SEMC and Vainglory whatsoever – they’re in an entirely different league pun not intended :rofl: by pretty much every possible measure.

However, I agree with the underlying point you’re making: Riot IS listening to the community and is well aware of the problems with their client & infrastructure, and they’re determined to address them in a way that fundamentally improves performance, stability, and all the other things important to an online, multiplayer game.

As far as WR goes, I don’t think that client is going to be using the same technology (Ember & JavaScript), but you never know …

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I dont think it’s necessary to make a whole thread about it but they’re also ending the LoL Forums.

To stay on topic, they have said in the past that they were improving the client but it never really happened. So I will keep a eye on them :wink:

Also I think this is the first time that they made it known to the masses with how its been presented (a dedicated blogpost).

Wow, the transparency with which they’re going about this is really something to behold … love it!

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