Riot Broken Pipe

Please use this thread to share and/or discuss content from any of Riot’s games that has yet to be officially announced. Similarly, feel free to move things out of this thread once an announcement is made.

This will help shield those folks who would like the preserve the element of surprise when new champs, new skins, new modes, etc. are released.


This is one of those cases where great effects meet a horrific model…

Every time I look at the model, I see a Owl faced humanoid with spaghetti/ribbon hair. All the particles are nice but I just cant with the model.

Hopefully they change it cuz the community doesnt think this is prestige worthy…

Idk, it seems to me that the Prestige skins aren’t necessarily better than their normal counterparts – they’re simply unique and harder to obtain. (A good example is Prestige Miss F – the general opinion is that the normal Bewitched skin is actually more attractive.)

Contrast that with the Ultimate skins, which ARE supposed to be a step up from a Legendary skin. Riot didn’t deliver that with Gun Goddess, and they got roasted for it. They’ve promised to hold off on any further Ultimate skins for a while as a result.