Ringo's rework for all of the Ringo lovers out there

So recently, I have seen very few Ringo in Vainglory and this has come from the fact that he has a very weak perk and his kit is being overpowered by other heroes’ kit so here are the changes to him to make him more appealing to play. (*Note that he’s strong. He’s not weak IMHO)

(Note: I edited this once so please if you have read this thread, please re-read it).
*Perk: Double Down:

-New effect replacing the old one: every 5th basic attack is now a double-shot basic attack.

*A: Achilles Shot:

-Now slow the target based on the target’s current max HP.

+Slow based on % of the target’s max HP: 1.3%/1.6%/1.9%/2.2%/2.5%.

+Max slow cap: 85%.

*B: Twirling Silver:

+New: now this ability will have unlimited duration but each second this will drain 10% of Ringo’s energy. You can turn this on/off whenever you like.

*Ult: Hellfire Brew:

+Cooldown is reduced from 120s/105s/90s to 120s/95s/70s.


Any change to Ringo should cap his Ultimate range to 18…


Ringo is like the rejected baby of reza and gwen. He just is too squishy for pratical use especially in 5v5


i could see how the perk can be better than his current one, which just helps his poke in the laning phase.
i dont understand the slow based on max hp, could you give an example? also is there a cap to the slow?
the problem with reducing his b cooldown is that, with spellsword, it would have a cooldown of 7.4seconds, and since it lasts 6 seconds, your buff has a total downtime of 1.4seconds, if you get HC, you have 6.67 seconds cooldown, and less than a second of downtime.
with his ult, i think it’s best to stay a finisher, so i can see hoow mortal wound can help that, but the lowered burn duration would hurt the damage, especially cp (i think? i forgot, cant check bc bork phone)

for me, ringo’s identity is the marksman focused on just having a lot of basic attacks, and the problem with him right now is there are too many that outclass his basic attaxk (vox has bounce, gwen can empower it, etc.) what he honestly lacks are on hit effects like gwen and vox, maybe your rework perk could fix that, but it still feels like he’s still lacking

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Ok for the A, I mean to slow down who buy HP items. E.g
Ardan has like ~2600 HP so the slow on him is 2.5% ×2600=65% while a Skye has like ~2000 HP so the slow on her is 2.5%×2000=40%. And of course I forgot a cap for the slow thanks for reminding me that.
B the cooldown is like this 10s ÷ (170% (2 SSW) ×1s)= ~5s (oh crap)… gonna fix but really, I just want him to have the buff for a long period of time. (Hey I come up with an idea that I’ll change above)
C is just idk, probably gonna revert that change.

Or it could be related to the fact that you are not playing VG anymore. Most people would see Ringo less often, under these conditions.


Actually, while I was playing Vainglory (I just quit the game for like a week), I barely met any Ringo and most of the vids I have watched recently didn’t have Ringo in it.


30 characters

Ringo is fine. It’s the other ones that are too strong.


Because the guaranteed hit is stupid AF.

He uses alcohol as fuel. Fire eats the fuel so it cannot burn indefinitely. It is the single dumbest mechanic in the game and it is one of the reasons I hate Ringo and will always hate Ringo.

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Ringo’s ok for the most part. He’s a finisher and a kiter, meant to get in and out while his teamates are pushing the fight, or quickly gun down other squishies. He’s much more similar to a ranged Taka in that regard. Heroes all play differently with different niches, and I see ringos fail most often because they aren’t playing in their niche and aren’t compensating for that in their builds. That’s not to say the proposed ideas aren’t interesting, but it’s also questionable to say he’s weak when he’s not being played to his strengths.

There are few ringos I see being played jungle, for example. Most people don’t even consider that is a viable thing for him, but a snowballed ringo is a dangerous ringo, especially with JBs to account for his kiting and lack of escape.

But it’s the easiest ult to block lol, and its damage is not that high, plus having a 2 sec channeling

Try building CP with that thing.

I didn’t say he’s weak at all. I just said that his kit gets overpowered by others’ kits in the game.

Or his ult fades away after 5s.