Ride or Skye broke


Note: I was in a party with others for all four matches and they got a win. SEMC I know you secretly hate me but please be fair.


it is co-incidence that my counter got stuck at 3/10 as well? lol. i just claimed and bought back in…

The number of ridiculous bugs in this game is really astounding.

Did you “dodge” a match?

Let’s be honest, SMEC has been hating every old player who played this game for more than a year

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Good. Muhahah I knew smec would prevent nub FB eve Skyes from getting the best skin ever

is anyone finding that Casuals just became a serious game mode? i suspect it’s because they want to win this event :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t know about casuals but blitz is so damn sweaty. I completed the event twice and honestly I haven’t try harded like that in ranked for more than a year lol.
It’s a cool event though. Helped me get some heroes on alt.

Glad I missed this whole event, I liked the lower Glory cost entry, and I think I would have tried it except I already have the skin. Seems there wasn’t any incentive other than that.

I spent so many hours on this event… I think I earned around 3k glory despite the numerous times I bought in. Matchmaker simply did not want me to win. When I 3v3 after a couple of wins I get paired with T10s, when I blitz it’s against high level op talents. In blitz my team of T6s and I got queued into the #4 and #6 players in SEA 5v5 ranked.

I couldn’t put together 10 solo queue wins in a row. Basically 100 glory for some low level talents. Probably spent 1500 and earned twice that. Good event despite not winning.

I won it once on 2 accounts, once duo once full party blitz. What I found to work best for me was CP Vox and Ardan. I have all talents at lvl 1 but I used epic one as it doesn’t have any downside. But Ardan did have lvl ~10 vanguardian. It wasn’t a bad event overall.