Ride or Die- How to get 10 wins easily (Team Compostions in Blitz)

Team composition
WP Ardan: Choose 2nd talent. Max out 2nd ability and Ultimate. Jungle Role
Starting items: Tension Bow, Tyrant’s Monocle, and Lucky Strike.
Core Items: Tension Bow, 2 Tyrant’s Monocle, Sorrowblade, Journey Boots, BreakingPoint

CP Vox: Choose 1st talent. Max out 2nd ability and Ultimate. Laner Role
Starting items: Alternating Current and Shatterglass
Core Items: Alternating Current, Shatterglass Journey Boots, Broken Myth, Spellfire, Frostburn

WP Kensei: Choose 1st talent. Max out 1st ability and Ultimate. Jungle Role
Starting Items: Tyrant’s Monocle, Breaking Point and Six Sins
Core Items: 2 Tyrant’s Monocle, Breaking Point, Sorrowblade, Journey Boots and Bonesaw

Made By: Smexyboi
Add me if you have these Heroes and Talents. Ask me questions on VG
IGN: Smexyboi

CP vox is actually a beast with the epic talent
And the best comps are the protector comps ie phinn L+Ardan R+ vox/idris/kestrel

cp vox is actually really good with the legendary talent… and since spellfire can only be actovated by his ult it is not really a good choice on him. most people use poisoned shiv as a substitute

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Vox is gross with epic and legendary talents.

How to win Blitz- did you mean “pick Grace legendary and prosper?”

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Why TB and not SB + as many TMs as you can physically fit in? Why rare talent on Vox when his legendary is clearly meant for CP? Also kensei’s rare is kinda potato now unless you level it.

Personally the best talents I’d say are any of kestrels, Ardan rare and epic, vox epic, Idris rare, Lance rare, Tony epic. And Adagio L works really well too. You can go Adagio L Lance R and then something like SAW R or Vox E/L…new poopstrat :poop:

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Im just saying i easily got 10 wins with this strategy. I had a 14 win spree.

how new are you at this game?

Not new at all, im tier 6 going to tier 7

how bout this:
Wp Glaive - Legendary talent
Cp Kinetic - Legendary talent
Wp Ardan - Epic Talent
I got annihilated in 2 minutes with these 3 getting instakills and rushing the gold mine

Uhhhhhhhhh… not to be mean but that’s fairly new if you are first time teaching t7

True i see your point here. All of you tier 9 and above?

i meant time not rank :kissing_cat: