"Ride or Die" Baron 🚁 Concept by UKITAKUMUKI

Sooo you forumers already know that I like to art-surf on Artstation for various of things but to my surprise, some of the concept artists that make VG skins aren’t actually on the platform “Artstation”

The creator of “HeliBaron” was actually a DeviantArtist! :hushed:

I certainly remember DeviantArt as it was a popular site for MANY artists to share their art back around 2010. But it seems everything that glitters isnt gold as its popularity isnt as it used to be…

So since the post is in a different format, I wish not to take away vistors to his profile so Ill post a piece of the concept page while the rest of it will be on the link.



A thing to note is that in his info box, he gives out juicey commentary on how he helped bring this skin alive :star2:

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Also please dont like my posts on concepts as I feel that Im just using a cheap way to gain hearts which isn’t the main reason why I post concepts.:bowing_man:‍♂

I just want to create somewhat of a catalog of concepts so people that DO want to see concepts, wont have to go through such hard means to find them :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s funny, I’ve noticed that there are quite a few folks that are only on DeviantArt – einlee, for instance, only posts on DA. I agree that DA is kind of passé nowadays – I much prefer the look and format and features of ArtStation.


I already liked your post. You can’t stop me.


It’s ok to farm the likes , I like the color here and would choose it over the current one .