Reza's new skin broken on Android [known bug]

moderator edit: Known visual bug for android devices where the new Reza skin doesn’t show up. On the list, will be fixed:

Already posted this on Reddit but the skin doesn’t show up in game, I just see basic Reza running around

That’s interesting. So, you unlocked the skin on an iOS device, then logged back into your account on an Android device, and the skin doesn’t work on it?

I call it racism…


Lol no, I was the Adagio
S9+ on patch 3.5.2
It was the basic Reza model in game too
Apparently it really is “Apple Exclusive”

Oh, wait, so you don’t know if that player was trying to use the new skin?

So if you’re playing on Android you can’t even see the skin.


A dev said it will be fixed and that u will soon be able to play with it on android

Dev confirmed it

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Alright, cool. :vg_ok: :vgcheersx2: I edited your initial post/title and moved this to the help/bugs subcategory.

Edit to add: For folks wondering where you can find some of this kind of bug info after it’s been logged:

Reza is greyed out and his hero name doesn’t show at the bottom. Screenshot_2018-07-25-17-02-59

this is the reza skin bug. semc are working on fixing this. the player was trying to use dAv11d reza

It’s fixed now I think. This text will be blurred

Can these guys do anything right?