Reza, L3oN, &c with a side of bickering


You are complaining because Reza can do what he is supposed to do


No mate you literally missed the point of every single post i made in this thread. I am complaining cause reza dictates the pace of the game by forcing enemy movements, scroll up to post #56 the changes make reza a more healthy that literally don’t change anything about his ability to counter ranged heroes


I dont agree, Reza is not the one who dictates the peace, if thats the case, then you are doing something wrong


Yes very convincing argument you’ve provided there with great proof that reza doesn’t control the pace of the game ! Smh how am i doing something when i don’t even play the game, since when it was about me struggling against reza in the first place ? Yes it is the case, reza doesnt dictate the pace it happens game after game at the highest level, you don’t watch those games so you’re clueless about it


Just because we haven’t seen that exact match doesn’t mean we don’t watch high elo gameplay.

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i watch those matches, and again, i dont see how reza dictates the peace, in a 2 vs 1 situation you can snowball him hard enought to not be a danger

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Well you being of unaware of the Reza invades shows that you don’t watch it that often


The title of this thread is awesome.

@Sandiha I’m aware, I just don’t think it’s that oppressive.


So securing either both red jungles or both blue jungles isn’t oppressive ?


Tbh people get baited by Reza too much. He’s mobile af but he’s still mad squishy. When he does his B through dragon pit wall just send one person to harass him. You essentially want him to back off. You don’t wanna secure jungle because then it’ll be a waste of exp and gold which is what Reza wants to do anyways.

Ignoring an aggressive Reza or just outnumbering him means his powerspike won’t be as meaningful in the mid game because he didn’t make the enemy bot laner behind (it’s alright if the jungler is, but he isn’t going to be the menace in the end of the match). His damage is poor in the late game when his stats are 0/0/0.

He’s also very carry dependent because he needs his teammates to do something while he’s going in the backline. I’ve had multiple high tier games playing Reza where I’m doing the most damage while my allies are doing god knows what.

A very specific game would be one where I was CP Reza (SC AS BM SG) where my bot laner was doing really poorly. I did everything I had to. Kill Silvernail in jungle early game, go in go out during teamfights, do 5 man ults, but it didn’t matter because he’s a melee hero and I’m against Hami, PPJ, and Gaspy (but that’s besides the point).


I have little to add - just wanted to laugh at the title and suggest another edit to “mostly bickering” :wink: :joy:

Also, Reza has a high skill ceiling but definitely isn’t OP. Change my mind


Reza just needs 1s added to the charge time on his B, and a buff to his cyrstal damage somewhere in his kit. His cyrstal path is actually balanced, but his newly discovered wp path is so dumb


The issue is WP Reza, it’s basically melee wp skye. No ratios (skye technically does on her A but it’s not that relevant) but his mobility let’s him position freely.

A wp Reza can absolutely carry the game, If you watch it go off in fantasy all stars, wp Reza was able to get a tiny lead and litterally win top lane (though that’s because pros aren’t duo bot lane as much anymore). Yes it can’t be a late game hypercarry, but that’s not the only way to win a game. He’s the reverse of carry reliant honestly.


Well you see Yugi is basically a Reza one trick so if he doesn’t pop off that means no one can. Gaspy couldn’t play Reza to Yugi’s potential so he had to just try to clean up which made him seem like the MVP but he wasn’t.

After TB nerf WP Reza is a lot more about consistent harass. A CP Reza like SC AS BM SG/SF will easily pop anyone because they are either a squishy or the percent health damage on AS. The SC is now actually good on him because it does burst true damage which can be just the extra damage that you needed.


The thing is, Reza has a very high skill cap and when you see a really good player use him, he can be devastating. The problem is most people (me included) can’t use him to his fullest potential.


Reza is way too oppressive in top. He’s guaranteed to 1v1 the enemy bot laner even if you’re playing safe. He definitely need a nerf.


Most top laners can 1v1 the bot laner because they are being balanced to survive the 1v2 situation of top.


Definetly not unless the bot laner is being too aggressive. Reza after level 2 is like a guranteed victory it’s only a matter of time.


True, especially in the current meta where the bot is a lot of the time alone. Reza just destroys both CP and WP.


Its an assassin against a squishy, what were you expecting? Allow bruisers to be bot laners like in update 3.0 and he will fall as you will just counterpick. But… Bruisers are weak so…