Reviving an old meme from the forums

So before the old forums get shut down I wanna keep my first thread alive despite being an old legend. Everything is the same except for stun times which I edited today. Enjoy my doods!

No heccs or fricks beyond this point

In my game design class I have made an idea for a Harambe-based hero. The hero’s playstyle has to do with dragging heroes and stuff. Here are all of the details for the hero I made. Just know that there are no specific numbers or anything and can maybe use some balancing kek.

Name: Harambe, the Beast’s Revenge
Difficulty: Intermidiate
Role: Tank
Position: Jungle
Personality: Nurturing
Strength: Decent crowd control, good sustain, tanky, protects allies, locks down priority targets
Weakness: Bullets, fast heroes can harass him easily and keep their distance if they are ranged, low escape
Lore: An evil spirit hunting down the zoo keeper who shot him. Does not trust Ringo or SAW.


Perk (Enrage)- Each second Harambe is getting attacked he gains a stack of enrage which grants weapon power, armor, and shield with a max of 5 stacks. All stacks decay after 3 seconds of not getting attacked.

A Ability (Drag)- Harambe dashes a short distance to the targeted direction. If Harambe collides with an enemy that hero may not move or attack, but gains extra armor and shield for the duration of the drag. Also, Harambe may drag the affected hero for .9 seconds. Allies may target you for attacks when you are dragging an enemy, but the enemy being dragged takes the damage. Harambe may still basic attack other enemies when dragging an enemy.

B Ability (Smash)- Harambe smashes the ground with his hands. Any enemies nearby are pushed away from Harambe and are dealt damage. If Harambe is dragging an enemy the affected enemy is knocked up for .7 seconds and takes increased damage. Dragging is immediately ended after using the ability.

Ultimate (Harambe’s Revenge)- If Harambe is dragging an enemy the duration of the drag is increased by 3 seconds. Additionally, all nearby allies are immune to damage for the duration of the drag. However, nearby enemies gain some armor and shield for the duration. When the drag runs out Harambe gains a movement buff for .5 seconds, increases the max stacks for Enrage by 5 stacks and gains 5 stacks of Enrage. The increase of stacks lasts for 5 seconds.

Even if it is not Harambe I think a hero with a dragging play style would be pretty cool. As for the design I just thought it could be a ghastly gorilla with a bottom-half similar to ones from Danny Phantom when he flies. However, he still uses his fists to move around, but his body just floats.

BTW, the whole Harambe part of the hero is of course a silly joke for the meme, but I do think the design of a hero like this could be interesting.

May you rest in peace, mini king kong. :frowning: