Return of CancerJaw, destroyer of worlds

Do you remember a couple patches where grumpjaw would sort of poke you and you’d be dead, but an ult to his face tickled him?

It’s back.

I just don’t understand you Semc. You either have CancerJaw stacks melt into nothing from dot, or make it so it’s impossible to remove his stacks.


The problem: CancerJaw is an unstoppable tank, enjoying a certain unwanted change: crit. SB TM Itself destroys squishies with his STILL not fixed op 3 second slow A ability. The ability itself does so much damage, I wonder if it has a secret wp ratio!

This is either the second or third time crit was changed unwarranted, slowly providing so much base damage that SB is unneeded.

Please, think about what you’re doing. If players start to realize his power in masses, it’s the TB 1 shot fiasco all over again.

No known counters to CancerJaw. Living armor? How about diamond skin. Even Skye struggles to do effective damage on him.

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But he thicc tho. We need him :^)


Didn’t even realise he was relevant again, don’t see many people playing him, most are to busy exploiting Krul and koshkas broken status.

How did they patch his stacks?


I’ve been playing him as roam in 5v5 with success. He has so much innate damage on his A that he blows up half health laners with poor vision. He is naturally tanky and can remove an enemy hero from the fight when 5v5s happen.

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Grumpjaw has always been op, it’s just that people see people not playing anymore and go for krul, khoska and taka and forget about grumpjaw. Now SEMC decides to bring back grumpjaw. Quite op but it’s quite balanced tbh.

Get out GJ has been potato for a long time…


It FEELS OP, but it’s in reality quite balanced*

That’s how I would sum up GJ anyhow.

GJ is counterable, but it just requires game knowledge and a mastery of your movement. But if he catches you with a WP Buff, game over buddy.

I have a friend who was a grumpjaw main for the last few patches when grumpjaw was suddenly not popular and he did very well but now even better.

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I can just hear that grrowaroow and you have been killed.

Yeah he was potato for a long period, to claim he’s always been OP is frankly wrong. All the stats point to his being unplayed, and when he was played to have a lower win rate then the likes of Krul etc.

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I wouldn’t characterize him as OP, but he has been undervalued since last summer. I use him a bit like a tanky CP assassin (his A does something like 850 damage at full stacks, that doesn’t include CP ratio)

Interestingly, I think it was version 2.5 that he was considered “cancerjaw”. His win rate was 54% with a 15% pick rate as a jungler in ranked. That’s strong, but implies that he is very good into certain comps, most likely the glass cannon builds that started to become meta. Definitely not OP.

I think he will become more relevant in the future, and be like Ozo was. A funny loser meme , but secretly very strong.

Counters are skilled vox’s, rona’s Reim’s and krul’s

if he’s so broken why does he have the lowest pick % in all servers? His win rate is also less than 50%.

Maybe people are unaware? I fought CancerJaw a couple times and it was rough. Perhaps krul and others are even more broken in 3v3 that CancerJaw is left out?

In 3 v3 Koshka and Krul are broken, perhaps that’s why Grumps hasn’t really featured much, people are locking in one of the other two.

I dislike his all in nature. He has 3 chasing gap closers which can be chained. With just B C he has trouble connecting. His A is his only escape.

Its still hero that becomes utterly useless if he doesn’t snowball

Counters to your so called cancerjaw- taka, reim, krul, bf, rona, skye, lance shuts him down hard,

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Grumpjaw is best vs mage type heroes. His A has effectively 800 base damage iirc, go check it out. Its not a WP Ratio. I believe his CP Ratio is at most 150%.

His weaknesses are not hard to find. He is slow. Focus him with your team and his slowness is more of an issue than his tankiness. His A does a crap ton of damage but you can dodge it if you pay attention - and he is othewise very easy to kite. He has no inbuilt sustain so anyone he doesn’t burst is a threat.

Think of him as a charging bull that you can sidestep - thats literally how you play vs him.

If he was really strong I would probably see more of the pros playing him. Instead of seeing him near the bottom in T10 elo both for 5v5 casual and 3v3 Ranked.


Nah, he was potato recently, didn’t know he was good now.