Reserved game time for single match

This morning I tried to que for a match. I had 45 minutes to play one match.

I had a long que followed by a dodge this wasted 8+ minutes. I then had a 4 min que and cancelled all together because I could no longer guarantee not going afk.

Something needs to be done to que times and to stop dodging etc…

We need 45+ min reserved for a single mobile game session. Other mobas require 20 min tops…

I think they removed elo loss from dodging. I dodged couple of cp takas and known trolls. And didnt notice any elo loss. I only got lpq if i did it twice in a row.

Lets hope they make mm faster in making games.

As I understand it, that’s true for lower and mid tiers. I don’t know about higher tiers, though.

8 min q? In cas?

9/10 chance you were “secretly” lagging. When qs get too long, or match repeatedly gets canceled, there’s an issue with device

Nope, no elo loss anywhere. I don’t know why they make it like that and then remove it. Like maybe let players dodge for free sometimes like once every 2 weeks or something. They either destroy you for doing it or don’t even punish you.

I think it’s due to tweaking the MM.

Nah thats not how it works skill tier doesn’t matter if anything high tiers are the ones that dodge the most because of bad drafts or failed snipes attempts, low to mid tiers just yolo it. If you have good karma you can get away with one dodge at least every few games without losing elo if you’re lucky 2. If you have great you can easily get away with 2 or even 3 sometimes, this only works if you force close the app before the loading screen, letting the timer run out without locking in a hero almost always makes you lose elo.

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They didn’t. If you have great karma you can getaway with 3 dodges but then it puts you in Good Karma after 2. I sometimes try to go back to playing 3v3 ranked, but since I’m POA silver on that account and don’t know many people who play that mode avidly I can’t really “snipe” to get ELO quickly and go back up. And then you have people who think SAW is good which hurts my head because I haven’t seen a single good SAW since the last time he was OP which was like 2.9 or smth. So I dodge and since I was Good Karma due to me playing Blitz a lot I got the 25 ELO dodge penalty. And it really is just 25 ELO with a message that makes you wait 10 seconds just to say “Ok I’ll be cooler next time.”

The solution was a nice scare tactic but the time it takes to get the penalty itself makes it less of a penalty. I went from 2599 to something like 2592 and back up to 2598 last night. Went through two dodges coming from the enemy side where my team comp was absolutely busted because of our DRAFTING SKILLS. But then I get paired up with the “BestBaronNA” who couldn’t take down a single turret meanwhile Sam and Vox are clearing our entire jungle and Phinn and GJ stopped me from invading the enemy jungle (because I got away with a few red buffs and both healing treants…). The next match after that my team gave away two assassins for Lance and Varya, and despite us having okay teamfight potential all they did was just run around and split push meanwhile the Reza who has infinite dashes kept hunting me down along with the occasional Celeste Ult coming in my lane from time to time.

So I’m now sitting 11 ELO away for a color change because of DODGING.

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Roger that – I had seen reports of that being the case in lower tiers but hadn’t (till now) seen confirmation that it’s true throughout.

I agree with you, it’s a terrible decision and encourages the rampant dodging that has plagued this game for years.

All they need to do is make it so the match just replaces the player in the draft screen itself. I don’t see why if someone got good teammates that they need to lose them because someone decided to dodge because they didn’t get the good teammates. One player dodging the match shouldn’t mean that the entire match should be ruined. During the time while players wait they are allowed to leave the draft screen and play another mode. Simple solution while keeping the punishments. Instead of VG being filled with punishments they should just fix the player experience, because it really gets annoying how you enter and leave draft screen because someone dodges and after a while it makes your next game super laggy.

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Nope ranked in EU…

The game takes too much time to play one match and when someone dodges there is no reque…