Replay in new update

Woooowwwww. I mean now you can zoom in even close to the battle. Its pretty interesting seeing them in this perspective. By the way clownwalker looks spoopy :frowning:

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why heavy prism on churnwalker? you are nto doing cp…

also so many crystal sentries int he second picture

and thanks for the update i wil;l try this on cat skaarf


Lol. Its cause this was a blitz match i got a crystal item to help give more damage from my epic talent

does that have a cp scaling?

Not trying to get on the game atm, but iirc Churn has 50% / 1% / 1% CP scaling

I’ve been wanting this since replay mode was released.
Thank you SEMC!!!


Now if only it wouldn’t nuke my frame rate to 5 FPS ):


i meant the epic talent but you are right about his abilities

Its so cool to look at the detail that the devs put in, they gained another level of respect from me. BUT… W H Y D O E S L O V E B I T E S B F look like Dark Link from zelda.

im having a mental breakdown

anyway, while im in my breakdown, ill go look at more of my favorite skins


I’m losing my mind why did you have to show us this

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I mean on not sure but i think it does? I mean when i got a shatterglass my b was doing like a ton of cp damage so i think it does have cp scaling

It’s so difficult to control the cameras.

Oh right … oops :joy:

wow, this new feature just rocks~!
i’ve been checking out my favourite heroes as well.

Baron juggles his ammo and reloads his gun while standing still.

This thing added to check our favorite heroes koshka and summer party kestrel and the next summer party skins .

churn have ratios on all his skills, so yeah - CP on him is giving you more dmg.

Who was it that was always wanting zoom back… Lun?

Playing with it this morning – I just love this as well! Beautiful BW Celeste at work, wrecking enemies …


Judging by controls it’s a bug

no i think lun wanted it during the game not the replay !
they removed the zoom with 2 fingers when they added the hold on tap , i still tap constantly instead of holding hehehe .