Replay Camera

My VG replay camera is absolutely messed up when I try to zoom in and its absolutely killing me
Why it matters: Im trying to get like 30 screenshots from multiple angles of a Cath skin so i can make a 3d model (printable) of Cath. Howeverrrr my camera is keeps glitching and changing position.

Is there a fix or is this just another bug with no work around?

My device is
One Plus 6
(I have acess to a PC but it would be better if i could use my phone for the screenshots as I can get a consistent pixel count which matters for the 3d modeling process…)
My operating system is
Oxygen(Android) 9.0

The replay camera in both mobile versions seems to be an unmitigated disaster. Nothing about it got fixed this patch, either.

I’d highly recommend the PC version, especially if you can run the game on the highest graphics settings. The replay camera is infinitely better on PC – it’s stellar, and the images I can get on PC are soooooooooo much better than on mobile.


So i did what you said and ran it on my pc… But even so i cant get solid 360° shots of the character models. Spent almost 6 hours this morning trying to get good enough images but i ran into so many problems i ultimately couldnt pull off the photogrammetry to make a basic model… Im still trying to do it now except now im trying to use Photoshop to make the images better hopefully it will work.

The major problems i ran into:
-Lighting in the game phases through both models and structures changing the color of clothing
-Cameras rotation axis makes no sense to me so i couldnt get a 360° panorama/video/group shots of anything
-The massive degree of camera movement makes moving in small increments nearly impossible

Not sure if this helps, but have you watched this video detailing the controls for the Replay Camera on PC?


No i didnt know about this! Thank you so much!!!
This may just do it for me im going to try it right now

For those that want to know the PC Replay Camera Controls, here’s a list so that you all don’t have to view the video.


Use the + and - keys.

Vertical Movement

Use the ; and keys.

Rotate Camera

Use the [ and ] keys.

Camera Movement Speed

Hold Shift and + or - keys to get 100% Fast Camera Movement.

Hold ctrl and + or - keys to get 25% Slow Camera Movement.

Hold Shift and ctrl and alt keys to get 5% Camera Movement.

The above three are mainly for Vertical Camera Movement.

Another set deals with Horizontal Camera Movement.

Hold + or - key with Shift, alt, ctrl will give ‘subtle movement’ mode.

Fog of War controls.

Press A to remove it from all lanes.
Press S or D to have only one of the sides have it.
Press F to remove it completely from the map.

Free Camera Mode

Use the Arrow keys.

Switching between heroes.

Each hero is assigned a key from 0 to 9. Press one of them to move to that particular hero.

Other controls.

Hold Shift and R to return back to the default view.


Hope this helps people to play around and get some nice shots!

Here are some I took:




How did you get rid of the scoreboard/timer on top of the screen?
None of the buttons seem to turn it off

And this method has definitely improved my results, but the lighting keeps throwing off my computer whenever it reconstructs the model so im having a hard time finding a corner in either map where the lights dont bleed into the 360° picture too much

Thanks to your help I was finally able to get this far! (This is miles better than the blobs my photogrammetry was getting me before)

Now Im just going to take this and drop it into meshmixer to clean up the model until it looks like grace

How it looks without the color

How it looks after I started getting my filthy paws on it :smiley:

In the bar where the Replay Play, Fast Forward & Slow Down and Exit Replay, there’s a button that looks like a burger stack with three dots.

That will toggle parts of the U.I. such as health bars.

A different suggestion I have for getting the models is to ask @PopcornOne for help.

He is the forum’s resident leaker who has managed to dwell into the files to get some unreleased content.

Maybe he can help in getting the models directly from the files or guide you on how to do it.

A while ago I did some research on the legality of sharing assets from the game. Here’s the situation:

  • Models are stored in a format that is proprietary to SEMC
  • Models in SEMC’s format are useless to you unless you have a way to convert them into a standard format, such as wavefront (.obj)
  • I cannot share the spec for SEMC’s format, nor can I share source code that reads SEMC’s format
  • I cannot share the models in a standard format
    • I cannot send you a .obj of one of SEMC’s models
  • I can share compiled code that converts from SEMC’s format to a standard format
    • But this is a bad idea because people could share the program with other people and now everyone has access to SEMC’s models in standard format and SEMC is forced to change their spec

There might be a way around these issues if I have a server where you can upload a file and the server decodes it and returns the model in a standard format. Having the tool running on a server gives me the ability to control who may use it and how many times they may use it, which solves the problem from my last bullet point.
Of course, the server would still be distributing the models in standard format, but this might be okay because the input data would be user-generated. I need to do more research on this though.


Dont lose sleep over it, I personally dont have any problem spending time recreating these models the best I can. It will keep me busy and improve my modeling skills (along with bragging rights when im done)

But I do have a question that you may be able to answer, if after I finish a model would it be legal to distribute the files i made online? (selling or not)
I dont have a good understanding pf intellectual property laws tbh…

I think it’s okay to distribute because it’s nowhere near an exact copy of the original asset. It was derived from ingame screenshots, so I would say that it’s no more of a violation of SEMC’s property than distributing ingame screenshots is.
Making money off of it is probably not okay though. You would need SEMC’s permission if you wanted to sell 3D prints, just like you would need, for example, Marvel’s permission to sell an Iron Man action figure.

I’m not a legal expert so do your own research before doing anything that could get you in trouble.

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