Repeated same blueprint from chests?

I opened 6 BP chests n got koshka L thrice. Then opened epic chest n got koshka L again. Even @Xhaos got the same. If the BP/skin i get is rare/epic/SE its normal and random but whenever i get a L skin/BP, its always got the koshka L. Has anyone else experienced this?


You’re luck just sucks mate This text will be blurred

for my last 2 blueprint chests i got broken doll alpha bp twice but i had opened many other things and got other blueprints and skins

Were the “other” skins all L? I assume its happening only with L skins.

no i got butterfly celeste and radagio and carnivore grumpjaw. (just to clarify in broken doll alpha is the rare one, i think i may have misunderstood you somewhere)

ohhh yeah. Idk its weird how many of us are getting repeats.

I pulled 3x Rona the hero in a row.
Redemption Ardan
Legendary Reim
legendary Celeste
And some other stuff

3 times in a row the rare skaarf :confused:

i got lance hero twice lol, i guess it’s time for rolling

I noticed in the new system, if you tap quickly enough, you can open the same chest twice. You may be doing that?

Or the game just really wants you to play Koshka…

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Joule R BP twice boiiss, but be happy you won’t be lacking on essence for the next Koshka L BP you find…oh wait. The last legendary skin I got was Dear Diary Lyra and I pulled out a Legendary BP of that skin :thinking:

Dude I got 2 school days Koshka blueprints in the same chest. Was kinda impressed, not even mad.