Renegades is an amazing team to watch right now

Winning both games today with macrostrategy, the one where two player try to find the enemy to initiate while the other 3 just teleport from all over the map to the enemy base at the same time is just beautiful. Idmon too OP 100% winrate please nerf.


you must be a Impunity supporter. :open_mouth:

i watched it as well… They did good. even in the second game taking top lane.
Just goes to show KDA isn’t the deciding factor in winning.

i wish every team had that much determination as Renegades

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Impunity has questionable macro play while RNG know their Macro play so well that almost every action will lead to a plus for them

They definitely arent amazing to play against. Matched them once. They seem to be the best team in 5v5 atm.

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Yeah I solo queued into my team a few nights back and it was pretty brutal - especially because they target focused me - even when I was threatening to demote them all to subs in discord… no respect :wink:


Rip lol when team betrays coach

I am quite happy with our 100% winrate in Showmatches - being undefeated in a single game let alone a series since December is a pretty good position to be in - especially given that we have played 18 show matches so far.

The players are very very good and they have worked hard, especially Tezzaboy (our former roam main who is owning Bot lane for us at the moment) and Snk who is doing most of the shot calling and lane management. So they make it easy for me to look good.

We train mostly in small groups and via scrims - especially in EA against teams like ACE and Rox. With our analysts giving the team feedback after and during the matches on what they did well, what didn’t go well and what the enemy did well and so on.

We still have a lot to work on and improve. I am not 100% happy with our vision control and usage (although its gotten a lot better compared to the first show matches). And while they tend to make it work I still think some of the late game decision making is questionable. Take the first match against Impunity - the Blackclaw rush followed by the everyone down the middle - while it worked was very risky because both the side lanes were pushed for Impunity - had they got an ACE, bought teleport boots they could easily have had an armory and perhaps even the Vain. But that’s fine its always good to have more to work on and develop.

Impunity was the one team that we were not 100% confident against in SEA because they are an excellent team with some great players we have a lot of respect for. And to be fair to them - a couple of their main players weren’t available, which was unfortunate.

I have no doubt that they will get much much better, and it will make for an interesting season as all the teams will grow.


This is one of my favourite bits - the glowy caterpillar of doom:


Is teleport boots a must on any hero? Is it that strong?

I don’t think they are a must on any hero. They can be effective on a solid split pusher, but otherwise I only use them as a late game end game pick up where you port past the enemy and take the vain.


Such a clean finish. I love the ending of both games :slight_smile: Skye using her B right before the engage just seals her fate. Renegades plays the early game snowball so well that I wonder how often a comeback after two armories are down can happen when teams take full advantage of rotational advantage gained and enemy’s fear of backdoor.

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So latelate game sell your boots and pickup Tp boots.

You need good team coordination but I can see this happening a lot as the meta evolves.

Ability to port into a lane and split push it when blackcraw is up for instance is incredible strong is done well. Same as dropping cam into enemy base for team wide back doors etc.

Going to be interesting to see how pro teams use this ability.

Exactly - which does mean keeping aside enough cash to be able to afford to do it as well. Its very effective though.

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I think it will be very rare to see a comeback after two armories are down - it really locks your team in the base keeping it clear which gives the enemy team complete map control effectively.

It will of course happen, but its such hard work.


SnK and Tezzaboy are playing lights out right now. SnK is so on point that Spagetti can play super agressive. RNG is a must watch team. I can’t wait until bans are in place.


If that was me Id be laughing so hard at the enemy team.

Worth noting these matches were drafted using double ban with the client from Vainsocial - they just decided to do it off stream and beforehand for. logistical reasons.

I kinda wished they showed the draft screens on the stream though - helps folks learn.


is it the 2-4-2-4-2-2 draft that foojee hinted on twitter?

The last match I saw RNG was against Bren Esports and RNG had Gwen twice and Koshka once out of two matches. The streamers really need to announce bans and the ban system because I want to know how RNG got them. Gwen and Koshka should be the first ban every match.