Removing a Ranked mode

4 trolls in 6 matches all hail 3v3 lmao…
Downvote a troll and get him again next match without the option to dodge so two losses in a row due to the same person…

So, I’m looking at your recent matches on vgpro, and I’m not seeing it… What kind of behavior are your labelling as trollish?

Refusing to attack a low hp enemy while at full hp.
Refusing to buy defense and feeding.
Toxic behavior in game.

All kinds of stuff that will cost you the game.

Well, I can’t speak to in-game toxic behavior, like intentionally losing, because that doesn’t show up in vgpro stats. But do you think it’s possible that other players just have a different playstyle than you? This could easily just be bad synergy between teammates, or different ideas of how to build/play. For instance, are you following up attacks and coordinating damage output properly? Or letting misunderstandings lead to staggered engages and multiple deaths? Are you considering that a player might not be engaging for a reason, and maybe backing off an assault is actually the right play? There are a lot of reasons why it’s unfair to say others are trolls, when it’s very possible you might just be misunderstanding their goals, abilities, and tactics.

For instance… In your recent matches, I notice that you don’t often rush Fountain, and even when it’s your first item, you delay it into the 10th and 11th minute, choosing flare guns or stormguard banners beforehand. Many, many, many players would complain about this, and call this trolling. But you’re not a troll, right? You just have a different idea of how you should build. It’s the same thing with your teammates. Be a bit more gracious, and try to see how they’re not trolls, just playing differently. You’ll enjoy the game a lot more if you do.

I get what you mean but the trick to play is to go with the flow of the team.

People going against that flow are ruining the game. When my team goes in I go in. When my team holds back I hold back. But when people refuse to communicate and just do their own thing it gets frustrating really quick.

My definition of Toxicity is wide for sure but I play to win. When people refuse to participate in fights or attack objectives they are dead weight…

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Mmm not fighting doesnt mean trolling , a guy from enemy team was in my friendlist and after match he told me that i was trolling by not fighting with my teammates , i told him i wasnt trolling , all our fights were bad timing and bad place , i see the ACE every fight so i back off , hoping that my team understands what is going on , but it getting worst by sending laughs and thumbs up or cheers , because they think iam a noob or troll ,

I admit that a lot of people after 5v5 release , dont know what is 3v3 fighting strategies , they do random things , they think thats called fighting , winning any 3v3 is so easy by understanding heroes and enemy strategy , like if you are against a cp kestrel , you shouldnt walk one step outside your vision area , yet you see a lot of players walking in the map like there is a mine in every inch , but in reality no vision there , in the old days nobody does that , and what makes me annoyed is the defensless players , too much defensless players in the game right now , sooo bad .

Exactly, in 5v5 the most competitiveness that can be gotten from that mode is T10 everyone else is just boosted and go in the bottom. Back in the 3v3 days T9 and T10 were both very good tiers despite toxicity but toxicity existed there because there was competitiveness. Now, all those T9 players have title of Vainglorious in 3v3 and is like T7 in 5v5. I personally thought that the two ranked modes are ok but now I believe that the playerbase is being split too much and maybe forcing people to play 5v5 ranked will make some players love 5v5 (new love) or just hate it (like they previously did). We need the old T9 players, now T10 players in 3v3 back in 5v5 so you have less idiots walking around the Rise.

Now this was a very controversial paragraph…


Marking all of your fights as bad timing and thus not engaging makes you a troll.

You are creating a lot of unnecessary 2v3 fights where your team has a bad engage and is a man down.

I am not advocating reckless abandon. But never pushing with your team is about as bad as staying in base.

In 3v3 you need every player badly unlike in 5v5.

I agree on your vision statements but often I am the only one interested in vision and I get laughed at when I say we need vision or reccomend mines-contraption…

You don’t need every players, my matches are usually 2v3 and I still have a 86.7% win Rate in ranked this season (3v3)

I have complete landslides one way or another.
Just now we had a perfect game.

Todays matches so far:

I still see hotness bronze players up to poa silver in my matches it is so bloody random…

These are back to back matches:

From 1635 to 2309 between matches… That’s well over 600 points almost 700…

Now how are you to expect reliable performance like this.

@HipsterSkaarf most of the people I find toxic are just nooby without any understanding. Or the exact opposite, on their high horse cause they are smurfing and everyone is just horribly bad because they are The Lord Almighty themselves…

But that’s not toxicity, dude – it’s inexperience. A very different thing. If you rage at people who make mistakes because they’re still learning the game or a hero or even the latest patch … you’re contributing to the toxicity that discourages the growth of the game.

As Hipster said earlier, just because someone’s play style doesn’t fit with your idea of the “correct” way to play the game does not make them toxic. If you’re unable to adapt to different players and differing strategies, perhaps solo queue isn’t for you …

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Never mind you just don’t get it…i can argue all I want but you don’t even play ranked for the same reasons I am struggling with it.

People who refuse to engage are the worst people to have in your team. They complain of others feeding but don’t understand that they cause their allies to die because they refuse to help.

ill tell you when i choose not fighting over fighting , what are our heroes vs enemy heroes , hows enemy rotation and are they invading or getting invaded or are they ganking or not , who is forcing the fights enemy or my team , am i getting puhsed in lane or not , is there any map awareness from enemy or my team , i study all that in every game i do and i decide if i want to fight that or not , i get a lot of players pushing our advantage , i die for a team like that and i dont care because i know they can survive atleaset , but team who dying and make you die with them are the worst and i refuse to fight specific fights with them .

dont count me as the troll who dont fight at all , i fight but once things get bad i back off instantly because i see the ace coming , and when a team see you like this what they do is focusing you or catch you 3v1 so they can kill your noob team next and get an ace .

i used to fight everything like you , but i learned from good players in streams that surviving is better than fighting a losing fight , with this strategy i can honestly drag the game and make it 40 minutes , but salty teammates make it end fast because i wanted to end too , i wish there was a chat or something to explain to my teammates why exactly iam not fighting this or that , but too bad pings not enough , so i hope my team stick with me and see my plan to win the game , 3v3 is super easy do A+B you get C , and i know all the 3v3 strategies , i can see the outcome from draft .

i once was playing jungle and got a laner who refuses to fight , so i respected his desire and hold on my aggressive plays and waited his plan , too bad he got no plan he was weird , he was waiting us to die then fight enemy , that guy is a bad laner but the people who refuses fights and doesnt do their own 1v3 fights they probably got some kind of strategy and waiting their team to listen .

one of the strategies is why we fighting ?! , yeah honestly if you have a mage like celeste against assassins , why you fighting enemy , why you chasing enemy , there is something called let enemy come to you , i have the advantage and the kraken waiting , why should i risk it and dive enemy , while i can lure them to kraken area because i have the range advantage , like celeste or baron , just pretend that you taking kraken and make enemy come to you then poke till they all dead , this thing is not happeneing in 3v3 right now and it was the prefect thing to do in the old competitive 3v3 , you see dumb players diving and forcing super risky fight throwing the game , the game in your advantage dont gift the win to enemy !

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I will follow a shot caller. But people who just warning ping and never ping to engage are hopeless.

Overagressiveness will get you killed I agree…

I just want to say that inexperience is not toxicity. If I have an obviously inexperienced ally, I’ll be as helpful as possible using pings and quotes ( this is usually where I wish I could use other quotes ) and usually pm them afterwards explaining the strategy we were hoping for, given our comps.

Now I do this much less with 5v5 than I did with 3v3 ( and I’m only now getting back into 3v3 ) as it is more difficult, but I have never confused inexperience with toxicity


It is stubbornness and unwillingness to learn combined with inexperience that I hate.

Doing your own thing without communication will make for one hell of a bad game…

When I have communicative allies in 3v3 I win 80% of my games…

I had an ok run today and went from SA bronze to gold in 5-6 matches…

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I don’t think anyone here is disagreeing with you about this. We’re just taking objection to you using the term “troll” to describe either inexperience or differing playstyles. Trolling implies purposefully losing or actively trying to annoy teammates. Maybe just use a different word and this whole thread would only be about three posts?

Willfully miscommunicating by not communicating.
How is that any different than turret diving?
Both send the message I don’t agree with you.

We lack communication so sorely that many people resort to active trolling instead of passively not communite and letting teammates die repeatedly.

The troll who turret dives is communicating more clearly. See how messed up that is.

Can’t tell allies to spread out.
Can’t tell ranged carry to keep melee covered with fire.
Can’t tell to engage as a team.
Can’t object with reasoning either.

I disagree with your premise. Someone who isn’t communicating is simply not communicating, not necessarily willfully. There can be lots of reasons for someone staying silent, and you shouldn’t assign a motive to it when you can’t be sure what those reasons might be. They might not know what to say at that moment, or they might be unsure of what to do and get flustered, or maybe they even think the right tactic is so obvious it doesn’t need to be communicated at all. Or it’s even possible that they’re lagging and can’t communicate at the right time. The point is that you, personally, don’t know why they’re not communicating. And because of that, it’s not a good comparison to say it’s similar to someone turret-diving, and it’s really unfair and unhelpful to call them a troll.

I’m not saying that you haven’t run into actual trolls, intentionally throwing matches, and that you haven’t lost games because of it. We all have. But I think it’s really important to see how not everyone is a troll, because not everyone is trying to lose on purpose. Troll is a label reserved for someone intentionally playing poorly, so let’s try to use it that way? If we keep calling everything “trolling” we’re just making ourselves tilted, which isn’t good for anyone.

If you want to make a thread about in-game communication, that would be ok. There are plenty of ways to improve it! Let’s just be more fair about not assuming what’s going on in the heads of other players.